Top Lip Piercing is The Modern Craze in 2021

top lip piercing

The custom of having one’s lips pierced through is a custom that predates up to the very first civilizations. There were ancient civilizations that vehemently believed that by piercing their lips, it would make all of their ancestors happy.

Other civilizations believed that piercing both lips that they have – both upper lip piercing and lower lip piercing – is a symbolic act and ritual as well as being a status symbol. For other tribes and civilizations, it is the same as bearing the mark of beauty.

These days, lip piercing is a popular trend among a lot of body modification enthusiasts. Which part of the part of the lip to be pierced is different from one person to another. Lower lip piercing is usually done by piercing anywhere from the middle to the length of the lower lip.

Upper lip piercing on the other hand is considered to be a mark of beauty and a sparkly small stud is often worn.

Above the Lip Piercing is the trend now

You have got to keep in mind that piercing either your upper or lower lip would need special attention and care to prevent any kind of infection from taking place. You would need to shop around for the best piercing salon or clinic in your area.

Before going ahead with the piercing, consider the different kinds of health risks that the piercing might cause you.

Double check your medical history if there are some metals that you are allergic to.

Usually gold plated and silver plated metal jewelry is harmful and may cause infection so you better stay away from those.

above the lip piercing

Check if the piercer has been certified to conduct this particular business and investigate how long they have been in the body modification business.

Find out if they use sterile materials. You will do good to stay away from piercing salons and clinics that make use of piercing guns. These piercing guns can not be sterilized properly and may pose a high risk of infection for you.

When it comes to choosing jewelry, it is best to opt for 18 karat gold or higher even titanium. If you have a limited budget, always ask or buy jewelry that are made of the highest quality of surgical stainless steel that you can afford.

These jewelry usually run about twenty or thirty dollars. Surgical stainless steel is also a material used in the medical industry where sanitation and health preservation is business priority.

After getting an upper lip piercing, make sure that you strictly follow aftercare instructions to the letter. Make sure that you keep your hands away from your piercing as much as possible and if you do have to touch it, that you have thoroughly washed your hands using an antibacterial soap.

Gargle with a gentle antibacterial mouthwash twice a day and take care when you brush your teeth. Wash the outside wound using a gentle antibacterial soap and rinse it thoroughly using clear and clean water. Do not do the washing and the gargling for more than twice a day.

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