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Latest kurti Styles for women in India for 2023


Kurtis for women are one of the most versatile clothes because they can be worn every time and everywhere. These days, kurtis are available in a lot of styles, such as Indian, Western, and Indo-Western. If you are still not convinced about kurtis, you must know that they can be paired with several different bottoms to curate a new look each day...

Complete List of Ethnic Buys for Eid

ethnic wear

As we as a whole, we realize that Eid al-Fitr is around the bend. Everyone is beginning to look for extraordinary ethnic dresses to look great for the Eid party or capacities. Presumably, you are likewise among those individuals who have now started looking for the outfit to settle on. The present in the blog entry, we will assist you with finding...

Fashion Tips: 1 Plain Saree, 6 Different Ways to Style

plain saree

A plain saree is something each lady’s closet makes certain to have. Like it or not, we as a whole love to go simple and sober on occasion and why not, all things considered, plain sarees have not lost their place from the style scene. Red, blue, yellow or dark, plain sarees come in different tones and can likewise be styled in various ways...