Side Lip Piercing is the Most Sexiest Lip Piercing Type – The Monroe

side lip piercing ideas

A lip piercing is one of the hottest crazes today whereby a body hole is made that goes through the lip area or just on the area that surround the lips. The piercings can be made in a given number of ways.

The lip piercings are made singly or in pairs. The lip piercing that is made on the upper lip on one side is the Side Lip piercing and it is most commonly known as the Monroe.

Even though the piercings are made just anywhere around the mouth for a lip piercing, it is common to find that the actual surface of the lip is not the one affected.

The only time the surface of the lip is used to make the piercings is when the canine bites or horizontal piercings are required. Piercings are given names according to the positions they take on the face. A Side Lip Piercing for example is one that is made on the upper lip but on one side of the face.

The Monroe Side Lip Piercing

It also called the Monroe Piercing because it resembles the beauty mark that was made popular because of the famous Marilyn Monroe who had a mole on the side of the upper lip.

It follows to say that the Monroe piercings are the most popular and well sought after side lip piercing.

They are labret studs worn on the upper lip located on the same spot where Marilyn Monroe had her beauty mark or mole.

side lip piercing

Although Side Lip Piercing can be made on any of the two sides of the upper lip, the one that is placed on the left side of the lip is the only one that can be called a Monroe, because it is made to emulate the birthmark on that part of the face.

When the piercing has been made on the right side of the face it is no longer a Monroe but it is given another name taken after another mega famous movie star and singer called Madonna.

The reason it is called a Madonna is because, the famous Madonna has her beauty spot or birthmark appearing on the right side of the upper lip.

The Side Lip Piercing whether a Monroe or a Madonna, depending on one’s preference, can be made by generally piercing the side of the mouth with a smaller gauge labret which should be either a 16 gauge or an 18 gauge.

Either can also be made by a piercing done with a barbell. The person making the piercing must mark the particular spot for either the Monroe or the Madonna with a permanent ink marker.

Then the one getting the piercing is told to rinse the mouth first with a mouthwash which is of the medical or surgical kind. It sterilizes the mouth. The upper lip is then clamped to hold it in place before a hollow needle is passed through it.

It is finished with a labret or barbell stud being placed in it. The labret or barbell is normally longer than the usual size one might prefer at first for the sake of giving it room to heal from the initial swelling.

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