Winter Fashion Accessories for Women to Match Warm clothes

Whether it’s super hot or super cold outside, women like to wear accessories. In wintertime, we like to stay warm and comfortable, but chic and stylish. Hence, we must learn to adorn our winter outfits with the coolest accessories.

Capes and bulky sweaters are in trend this year; fashion designers put a great emphasis on knitwear too, so how do we accessorize an oversized trench coat?

Hats, beanies, scarves, ear muffs, and long-sleeve gloves, are must-have items for this winter. They’re not just fashionable, but also comfy. Here are some ideas of winter fashion accessories to match with your warm clothes.

Scarves and earrings

Scarves can beautifully compliment any type of outfit in the winter. Opt for a warm, soft material like cashmere or wool, and select an unusual color. Why should you stay away from simple scarves?

Because wintertime is already depressing enough and your outfit must scream liveliness. There are many interesting patterns and prints you can go for, although the hippie-inspired scarf is the best choice you can make.

After you’ve made your choice, it’s time to accessorize the scarf with some jewelry. Earrings are a fine selection. Go for something simpler if the scarf has too many colors, or be bold and take a risk.

Leather gloves and rings

Leather is a material that just doesn’t want to fade away. Aside from pants, coats, shoes and bags made of leathers, women can also go for leather accessories; and we’re particularly talking about leather gloves.

Perfect in the winter, these items can be matched with elegant coats and even capes. The modern women with a sense of fashion will always know to accessorize a winter outfit. Have you ever tried wearing rings over leather gloves?

Unconventional women who are bold enough to wear signet rings over gloves might just pull it off successfully. It’s essential that you wear top quality leather, and select a dazzling ring with an imposing crest to make your whole outfit stand out.

Stylish beanies

Beanies are no longer worn with sporty jackets. Believe it or not, this winter season we’re looking at the modern woman rocking a beanie and wearing elegant, high-heel boots. We’re currently witnessing a transformation of the urban style; the sporty look is now classier than ever.

Women are pairing designer bags and fancy jewelry with casual shoes and sneakers. Ten years ago, this would have looked ridiculous; thankfully, today’s fashion trends are extremely diversified, and at last we’re witnessing a merger between elegant and sporty.

Oversized bags

Oversized bags will never go out of fashion, especially now when women are busier than ever. Today’s business woman needs a spacious yet classy handbag, and fortunately the market is packed with hundreds of brands and models. How do you accessorize a beautiful handbag to a winter outfit?

The secret here is to focus on length. If you’re wearing high-heels and a structural, long coat made of wool for example, you already have length; therefore, you can easily rock a classic Hermes-inspired bag.

However, if you’re wearing a leather jacket and a pair of rock star boots, you need a bag with a longer strap to add that length we were just talking about.

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Oversized necklaces

Bulky sweaters made of soft materials are excellent clothes for winter. Whether you’re fond of cashmere or you’d rather go for wool, it is important to wear adequate accessories to brighten your outfit.

Every modern fashionista has at least one statement necklace stashed away. This year, the newest trend in terms of accessories is the braided necklace. Complex and bulky, yet incredibly stylish, braided necklaces come in a wealth of patterns and styles; they’re colorful and they go perfectly with oversized sweaters, too.

Some would say that high-fashion abides by a very strict set of rules. To some extent, they’re right; however, rules were made to be broken and sometimes it’s healthy to take risks. True sense of fashion means finding a style that you like and mixing it up.

Believe in yourself and walk on the street like you’re walking down a runway. In winter, our main priority is to stay warm; however, every fashionista will add at least one accessory to stand out – it can either be a statement ring, a necklace or a trendy bag.

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