Top 10 Trampoline Parks in Delhi with Entry Fees and Photos

trampoline parks in delhi

In this comprehensive manual, we’re going to explore the pinnacle 10 trampoline parks in Delhi, entire with entry charges and charming photographs to help you pick out the pleasant one on your subsequent journey.

Trampoline parks have become a popular destination for human beings of all ages searching out a thrilling and active manner to have amusing. Delhi, the vibrant capital metropolis of India, offers a range of trampoline parks in which you could soar your way to happiness.

How to Choose The Best Trampoline Parks

Before we dive into the listing of Delhi’s pinnacle trampoline parks, allow’s remember some critical elements that will help you make an informed desire.

1. Location: 

Choose a trampoline park this is simply positioned for you, making sure ease of get right of entry to.

2. Safety Measures:

 Ensure the park has strong protection measures in area, such as properly-maintained equipment and trained team of workers.

3. Entry Fees: 

Check the entry costs and any additional expenses for sports or device rentals.

4. Facilities: 

Look for parks that offer a number of activities and facilities, including foam pits, dodgeball courts, and birthday party regions.

5. Reviews: 

Read critiques from other traffic to get an concept of the park’s pleasant and purchaser pleasure.

Now, let’s explore the pinnacle 10 trampoline parks in Delhi.

List of 10 Trampoline Parks in Delhi

1. Sky Jumper Trampoline Park

Sky Jumper Trampoline Park Delhi

Sky Jumper Trampoline Park is a sprawling adventure destination for trampoline lovers in Delhi. With a number of trampolines, such as interconnected ones and ones with angled partitions, it offers a unique bouncing enjoy. The park is nicely-maintained, and protection measures are a pinnacle priority.

Entry Fees: 

– Weekdays: INR 400 in line with hour

– Weekends: INR 500 according to hour

Address: 123 Bouncing Avenue, Sector 7, Dwarka, Delhi

2. Bounce Fitness Saket

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Bounce Fitness Saket isn’t only a trampoline park; it is a fitness hub. Along with trampolines, it gives diverse health classes and activities to preserve you active and healthy. The trampoline vicinity is massive, making it ideal for each beginners and experts.

Entry Fees:

– Single Entry: INR 350 consistent with hour

– Monthly Membership: INR three,000

Address: A-10, District Centre, Saket, Delhi

3. Bounce Street Asia

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Bounce Street Asia is a trampoline park that mixes fun and fitness. With a spacious layout and quite a number sports, such as dodgeball and basketball on trampolines, it’s a success among site visitors of every age.

Entry Fees:

– Weekdays: INR 350 consistent with hour

– Weekends: INR 450 according to hour

Address: Sector 31, Gurugram, Haryana (Just outdoor Delhi)

4. Jumpin Heights

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While Jumpin Heights is well-known for its journey sports like bungee jumping, it also boasts a trampoline park that offers a exciting revel in. It’s an brilliant desire in case you’re looking for both adrenaline and bouncing fun.

Entry Fees:

– Trampoline Park: INR 600 in step with hour

Address: Near Mohan Chatti Village, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand (Approximately 6 hours from Delhi)

5. Airborne Air Park

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Airborne Air Park is a dynamic trampoline park that caters to all age businesses. In addition to trampolines, it functions a foam pit, basketball hoops, and a dedicated region for babies.

Entry Fees:

– Weekdays: INR four hundred in step with hour

– Weekends: INR 500 in line with hour

Address: C-eight, Sector 8, Noida, Uttar Pradesh (Near Delhi)

6. Fun’n’Food Village

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Fun’n’Food Village gives a lovely blend of entertainment park rides and a trampoline park. It’s a amazing location for a family time out, where kids and adults can revel in various activities.

Entry Fees:

– Park Entry: INR 1,000 (consists of get entry to to the trampoline park and other rides)

Address: Old Delhi Gurgaon Road, Kapashera, Delhi

7. Sky High Trampoline Park

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Sky High Trampoline Park is an indoor trampoline park that offers a safe and amusing environment for traffic. With its interconnected trampolines and foam pit, it is ideal for those looking to defy gravity.

Entry Fees:

– Weekdays: INR four hundred in step with hour

– Weekends: INR 500 consistent with hour

Address: Eros City Square Mall, Sector forty nine, Gurgaon, Haryana (Near Delhi)

8. Le’emplay Kids Play Zone

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Play Arena gives a comprehensive amusement enjoy with its trampoline park, adventure sports, and gaming region. It’s a versatile place suitable for both solo visits and group outings.

Entry Fees:

– Weekdays: INR 300 per hour

– Weekends: INR four hundred in line with hour

Address: 8, Ground Floor & 2 to 9A First Floor, MGF Metropolitan Mall, Saket, Delhi 110017

9. Smaaash

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Smash is a sports and leisure complicated that houses a trampoline park. Besides bouncing fun, it gives various sports activities and leisure activities to hold you engaged.

Entry Fees:

– Trampoline Park: INR 350 according to hour

Address: Pacific Mall, Subhash Nagar, Delhi

10. Club Rhino

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Club Rhino is a health and endeavor middle that consists of a trampoline park. It’s an tremendous preference for individuals who want to combine their workout recurring with a few high-flying amusing.

Entry Fees:

– Trampoline Park: INR three hundred according to hour

Address: Club Road, West Punjabi Bagh, Delhi


Delhi gives a diverse range of trampoline parks, every with its particular services and reports. Whether you are looking for a thrilling journey, a fitness enhance, or a amusing day trip with circle of relatives and pals, there is a trampoline park in

 Delhi to suit your alternatives. Remember to prioritize safety and leisure as you leap your manner to unforgettable recollections.


1. Are trampoline parks suitable for kids?

Trampoline parks frequently have dedicated areas for youngsters, making them suitable for youngsters in addition to adults.

2. What ought to I put on to a trampoline park?

Wear comfortable athletic apparel and non-slip socks to make certain a secure and exciting enjoy.

3. Can I e book trampoline parks for occasions or parties?

Yes, many trampoline parks provide occasion and birthday party packages for birthdays and other celebrations.

4. Are there any age regulations for trampoline parks?

Age restrictions range by using park, so it’s great to test with the precise park for their policies.

5. Do I need to make a reservation in advance?

It’s really useful to test with the park, especially in the course of weekends and holidays, as they will have restricted ability.

Now which you have all of the data you need, it’s time to pick out a trampoline park and get equipped for an unforgettable bouncing experience in Delhi!

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