The Top Silver Jhumka Earrings To Pair With Your Outfits

Top Silver Jhumka Earrings

Earrings have always been a major part of the Indian jewellery trousseau. While silver jewellery has been a ubiquitous accessory in Indian traditions, the enthusiasm has certainly seen its highs and lows.

If we take a walk down our history, we can find the evidence from the Indus Valley Civilization to the paintings of Ajanta Caves along with the sculptures of various temples, our love of jewellery can be seen and claimed from all of them.

Well earrings have been around since time immemorial, there are only a few pieces of jewellery that have survived the test of time and travelled through the different ages without their fame getting tarnished, jhumka earrings are the perfect example for this.

Jhumka or jhumki earrings have always been a major part of any traditional attires that are worn by women.

The definition of jhumka earrings

The Jhumka or Jhumki is the kind of earrings that have the shape of an inverted bell like shape. This bell-like shape is usually connected to the top which can be of any design, sometimes even a drop hangs from the middle of the inverted bell.

The word “jhum” basically means movement, as the jhumka earrings move back and forth with the movement of the body. Most of the time tiny beads are strung across the rim of the inverted bell.

When a woman wears a pair of jhumki earrings and shakes her head, the tiny trinkets clang against each other and make a sound just like the anklets. This sound in addition to the movement and the bell-like appearance has given these earrings the name Jhumka/Jhumki.

The Origin

Jhumkis or Jhumkas were originally a part of the temple jewellery and were used to adorn the temple deities. Later on, these became a part of the jewellery worn by the traditional dancers of Bharatnatyam, Kathak, etc.

The bells added to the look and glory of the dancers. However, from being a part of the temple deities and dancers it soon became a part of a bridal trousseau. Over time it gained popularity and we also saw a shift in designs from traditional patterns to an amalgamation of the east and west influences.

Metamorphosis of the Jhumka Earrings

The beauty of these earrings with their graceful swaying did not take long for the jhumkas to be accepted and at the same time one of the most desired by the masses. Soon every woman, be it the old or the young were spotted with a pair adorning their ears.

The popularity reached from the royal houses to the rural areas, where village women matched the jingling earrings with the rhythmic sound of their anklets.

However, for a very long time, the jhumka earrings were essentially crafted in gold. With the rise in inflation and gold prices, jewellery artisans turned their attention to the other less expensive metals like silver and also industrial metals like brass.

These gained quick traction as they were budget-friendly and also catered to the needs of the larger population. From then to fast forward the 21st century, these magnificent drop earrings are available in a variety of materials like plastic, terracotta, german silver; the list goes on.

Types of Silver Jhumka Earrings

Well there are a lot of designs that are popular in jhumka earrings, we have listed some of them down below:

Silver Jhumkis with floral motifs:

Floral motifs have been everywhere, be it the dresses or the jewellery pieces. Every designer and jewellery house have their own interpretation of floral designs. They not only look beautiful but add a lot of elegance to the jhumka pieces. The intricacies of flower designs is what makes them more beautiful.

Pearl Jhumka Earrings:

Dainty pearl accents always add to the beauty of both traditional and fusion sets. They are an essential highlighting part of the Hyderabadi jewellery. If you add these pearl drops to your wedding jewellery, you are bound to have a keeper for any other functions you are going to attend post wedding.

Tribal Jhumkas:

Jhumka earrings with tribal art has been really appreciated these days. They not only add sophistication to your traditional ensembles but they also add glamour to Indo western outfits.

Kashmiri Jhumka Earrings:

Kashmiri jhumkas often come with chain drops which either dangle directly with the jhumkas or can be tucked behind the ears. They add a lot of charm to the ethnic dresses.

Multiple Jhumka Earrings:

Unlike the other jhumka earrings that have the traditional one jhumka drops these come with multiple drops. They look highly ornate and will help you to make a statement on special occasions.

Jhumka earrings have always been a must-have accessory for every girl’s bridal trousseau. With their versatile nature, you can wear them to almost every occasion and with any outfit, provided you pick the ones that go best with your attire then only you are going to ace your look.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when styling these dangling beauties.

Facial profile:

It is best to understand your facial profile when you decide to style a pair of jhumka earrings. While long and slender designs would accentuate your pretty round face, circular ones would enhance the beauty of long faces.

Metal Colour:

Metal colour is as important as any other thing. If your other accessories are in silver colour then you should go for the same in jhumkas, whilst if they are in gold colour then you easily opt for the gold plated ones.

Align with occasion:

You should always pick out your accessories that you are going to adorn according to the occasion you will be attending. It is also advisable to pick out your outfit first. Small jhumkas always look great with jeans and kurtas but a heavy studded one will definitely go with a saree or lehenga.

Experiment with the pieces:

While jhumka earrings are available in a plethora of sizes, shapes, colours and designs, it might get difficult to choose just one. If you love this accessory you can also incorporate it into your other accessories like your bangles, necklaces etc.

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