Top Ten Fashionable Bluetooth Headset Models

top ten bluetooth headset models

Headsets utilizing Bluetooth technology are the most popular accessories of mobile communication gadgets. These pieces of electronic devices are attractive and designed fashionably. Manufacturers make sure that users don’t look clumsy and silly when using these headsets.

Bluetooth Headphones and Why You Need Them

If you see someone seemingly talking to himself these days, don’t panic. Chances are, the guy isn’t insane. He’s probably just using a pair of Bluetooth headphones to talk to someone on his mobile phone.

First of all, what is Bluetooth? It enables short-range wireless communication by sending data, through something similar to radio waves between gadgets such as computers and mobile phones.

The idea of its creators is to create something that would eventually replace the cables that attach the various gadgets to each other by embedding a small chip into these high tech devices to serve the same function as those wires that occasionally get tangled and torn. From that concept, Bluetooth technology was born.

Because of this, wires are now fast becoming a relic from the past, even in the realm of headsets. Bluetooth headphones are a must-have for people on the go these days.

By using this device you can talk to someone on your cell phone or dance to the beat of your mp3s while you keep your hands busy with other more important things.

You don’t have to worry about tangled wires anymore, because Bluetooth headphones are compatible with almost any gadget that has an audio jack.

Mobile phones, music players, computers, and even some gaming systems are just some of the devices that can now be used with these headphones.

The best part is, with all the Bluetooth headphones available in the market these days, you are free to choose which of these products is suits your needs, comfort requirements, and lifestyle.

For example, buyers can choose between ear cups, neckbands, and the conventional overhead bands, depending on their own personal style and mode of use.

Quality of sound, range, security and battery consumption are also important considerations when choosing Bluetooth headphones.

Some Bluetooth headphones even offer full voice control features, making them even more convenient for users who don’t want to fiddle with their gadgets any more than they have to.

Convenience is just one of the selling points of the Bluetooth headphone. Picking up calls while driving will no longer be that much of a safety hazard with these devices.

Health buffs can now go on their jogs without worrying about the wires on their music players getting tangled up or damaged due to the constant motion.

Style-conscious people can even use them as fashion accessories. The possibilities are practically endless.

Bluetooth headsets are greatly varied, coming in many models. Do not just look at the design but also the functionality relative to your kind of work.

Top ten Bluetooth headsets in alphabetical order:

  1. Aliph Jawbone is the smallest headset available in the market. It has an attractive minimalist look with high quality audio. The controls are in the actual unit itself. The NoiseAssasin feature makes clear sound quality during calls.
  2. Jabra JX 20 Pura Titanium Edition is on luxurious and expensive. The headset is made of lightweight titanium, making it useable without ear hooks. The earpiece is rotated to turn the unit on and off. The headset comes with a handy desktop dock charger.
  3. LG HBM-310 is a perfect match for the stylish LG handsets. Its cheap cost is attractive to consumers. Sound quality is just adequate.
  4. Logitech Cordless Headset for PC and Mobile Phone is considered the most stylish headset. The ear hook of the headset sets the unit comfortably in place.
  5. NextLink Invisio G5 is claimed to be the smallest Bluetooth headset, just 3.3 centimeters. The ear hook folds inside the ear instead of hooking outside the lobe. Because of the small size, the sound quality is a bit compromised.
  6. Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-902 has a little LCD display. Displayed are the volume level and caller ID. Displays are useless when attached to the ears.
  7. Plantronics Discovery 925 is a slim Bluetooth headset, light and stylish. Audio quality good, particularly to cell phones. The microphone is picking up voice clearly. The molded rubber holds the earpiece comfortably without the need for ear hook.
  8. Samsung WEP700 is a headset with two microphones. The design reduces background noise. Unit could not be recharged from the USB port of a computer.
  9. Sennheiser VMX 100 has a large ear hook looking like a hearing aid. The headset is firmly in place even on the move. Sound quality is very okay. There is a twin microphone set-up to filter background noise. The unit is turned off when it is folded.
  10. Sony Ericsson HBH-IV840 is a mobile phone headset that is similar to a tie-pin because of the slim built. It does not need an ear hook. A neck strap secures the headset from accidental falls. Two buttons serve as control panel of the headset. The phone controls the volume. Audio quality is acceptable.

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