6 Strategies to Get Out of Your Wardrobe Rut

Wardrobe Rut Ideas

We all know the feeling of opening the closet doors and letting out a big sigh because there’s nothing to wear. For some, this problem centers around work outfits, while others experience the issue when it comes to cute outfits to wear out and about to other events and occasions. It’s called a wardrobe rut, and it’s anything but fun.

If you’re in a wardrobe rut right now, don’t panic! All you need is a little bit of change and inspiration to get you back on track. You might need a full closet revamp or just a bit of spicing up here and there. In any case, there are ways to take your closet from drab to fab in no time. Plus, it doesn’t have to drain your wallet!

Check out these strategies to get out of your wardrobe rut and get back to feeling great about your closet.

Here is the list of 6 strategies to get out of your wardrobe rut

1. Begin with a Purge

Every great wardrobe makeover should start with a nice refreshing purge. It’s also great for those of you who might be feeling like your closet has become a bit cramped as of late. Either way, there’s a method to the madness here.

First, take everything off the racks and shelves and lay it out so you can see it all at once. After you’ve assessed your inventory, take a moment to decide on what you really love to wear. Place these items back into your closet where they’ll be easily seen and chosen. Next, make a pile of unwanted items.

This includes pieces that don’t fit or things you just don’t love to wear. You’ll be left with items to sell or donate as well as more room in your closet for exciting new clothes.

2. Decide on Your Vision

Before you start shopping for new pieces, it’s important to lay out what you want to buy so you don’t put yourself back in the same kind of rut. Think about your fashion muses, whether they’re friends, celebrities or specific designers or brands.

Shop based on their core styles and what YOU wear most. The key here is to buy what you will absolutely wear! Choose pieces that will mesh well with what you already have and bring some new, refreshing styles into the mix as well.

Wardrobe Rut

3. Experiment with New Styles

Getting out of a wardrobe rut might mean it’s time to try something new and different. In this case, get out of your comfort zone and try out a trend or style you’ve been loving, but maybe haven’t tried yet.

Some easy ones include fun hats, bold printed dresses or an affordable trendy jacket. This way, you’ll get excited about getting dressed for work or a night out. Don’t be afraid to rock your new styles!

4. Love Your Basics

Ah, the basics. They’re so important to your closet, yet so many people don’t invest in them as they should. Your basic pieces are the building blocks of any great outfit, so why wouldn’t you give them the love they deserve?

Part of getting out of a closet rut might mean replacing your old, pilled black tank tops and tired sweaters you’ve had for years. Switch these out for new items that will bring a breath of fresh air to your outfits. Be sure to stock up on basics like fitted tanks, women’s tees, flattering leggings and a great pair of jeans to use as the foundation of your closet.

5. Spice Things Up

Here’s your chance to sprinkle some more fun into your closet and really make your outfits pop. If you have your best-fitting pieces and basics nailed down, your next task might be to shop for some fun and affordable cute accessories!

This is the time where you’ll really see your closet come together. You might want to pair an all-black outfit with a colorful belt or pair of earrings for work.

If you’re looking to spice up a date night outfit, go for your favorite dress and add a fun pair of sparkly heels and a denim jacket on top. With fun accessories, you’ll be able to mix and match your options and create a new look each time.

Wardrobe Rut

6. Design Your Own Uniform

You know what you love. Sometimes, it can be stressful to choose and curate an entire outfit each and every time you leave the house.

For those days when you simply don’t have the time or energy, have a go-to look on hand that you can throw on without having to put in too much thought or effort.

This could be jeans and a great t-shirt, your favorite shift dress or a little black dress for dinner with friends. Keep things easy and fun!

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