Eight Signs You Are Wearing the Wrong Bra Size

wrong size bra

We love how much flattering our outfits look because we can’t get enough of those mirror selfies, right? But did you know that lingerie is a primary aspect of getting your look right? 

Wearing the right kind of bra is the key to nail your overall look. Not just that, wearing the right bra also has a positive impact on your confidence, because if you feel good from the inside, you automatically feel and look good on the outside. 

Most girls consider buying bras a routine where all they mention is just their bust size. But there’s more to check for than just the bust size when buying lingerie. Ill fitting bras are a common problem with the ladies, who often miss out on the other aspects to look out for when buying bras. 

If you think you’re wearing a wrong sized bra, how about you do a quick check right now? Watch out for these pointers and check if you’ve got the wrong size on. 

  1. Spilling busts: They say “a little cleavage doesn’t hurt anyone”, but hey, your busts spilling out of your bra isn’t good for them. Simply going a cup size up will provide enough support for your breasts, which will not only make you feel comfortable but also make your outfit look good from the outside. 
  2. Gapping between cups and breasts: The whole purpose of wearing bras is to keep everything closer to your chin and a good lingerie will ensure this. There shouldn’t be any gap between the cups and your breasts, but the cups should also not be too fitted so that they sink into your breasts and hurt you. The ideal will be when the cups simply rest on your breasts.
  3. Your breasts don’t rest against the cup’s bottom: If your breasts don’t fill out the bottom of the cups, the band can’t support them. The breasts must be able to get support from the bottom of the cup and if that’s not happening in your current bra size, you need to buy one with a smaller cup size. 
  4. The bands ride up the back: Your band shouldn’t ride up the back, it should go all the way round your back. You can come across this problem if your straps are too tight and sink into your shoulders. Just try loosening the straps a bit.
  5. Back bulge: If your back is bulging out of the band, you are wearing the wrong size. The ideal fit is when you are able to slide two fingers between your body and the band. 
  6. Straps keep falling down: If the straps keep falling down, how is the bra going to support your breasts? The ideal fit is when the bra straps simply rest on your shoulder and shouldn’t be too tight to dig into your skin.
  7. Your clasp is on the tightest hook: It’s not necessary that the bra should clasp on the middle hook. When you first wear the bra, it should fit snugly on the loosest hook, which means your bra will have an extended life.
  8. Straps gap in the back: If there are gaps or the straps feel too loose, you’re not getting the needed support. Fix this issue by either tightening the band or try another clasp setting. 

Make sure you wear the right bra size because the consequences of wearing the wrong bra size can be detrimental in the wrong run.

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