Should You Buy i1 Clarity Diamond?

There are many types of diamonds, and when you are about to buy one, you should know a little bit about their clarity.

When it comes to I1 type, they should be cheaper than the rest because their brilliance is negatively impacted, but still, it isn’t that easy to see this with a naked eye. Many sellers use this to set a higher price and potentially earn some extra money.

This doesn’t mean that they aren’t valuable, the value is still high, but there are more expensive options. It can be great if you want a diamond ring, but can’t afford the most expensive ones.

Always look for one in a legit store so you won’t get scammed. The price, besides the clarity, depends on the size and the shape. So, getting an I-type can be a great option if you are looking for a specific shape.

Buying Tips

It is very tricky to find the one you like because the visual quality is the number one priority. If you want to buy I1 type, the shape is crucial, so try to find one where the stones are slightly hidden under the prongs.

Even if there are areas where it doesn’t look for good, there is an option to make a correction. For such applications, flat tab prongs which are lightly flatter and wider, are well-suited.When it comes to clarity, inclusion is only 1 of few factors that will determine the overall grade.

Other factors include color, nature, position, number, and size. If these features are great, the price might be higher besides some imperfections it has.If you look carefully you will notice inclusions, and you can always ask them to use 10x magnification glass to have a better look.

This type is usually poor in transparency because of knots, excessive clouds, and cavities. Even with these features, they are sold a lot.

Common Mistakes People Make

Many people just look at a picture and think that they’ve found a perfect ring that looks amazing. You need to be very careful with these situations because I1 graded diamonds that look really great usually turn out to be cloudy. You can only notice this when you look at it in person.

There is a whole system in grading them, so when you are buying a certain type, always check for these imperfections.

It is always better to buy in person, but if they have the money back guarantee, you can buy it online. Just look if the sellers have a great reputation and satisfied customers. It is important not to rush, and do your research before you get one.

Why Do People Buy It?

The biggest reason why people get this type of diamonds is the price. You need to have a big budget if you want to get a flawless premium diamond. The clarity can make larger ones more affordable, but people mostly look at the cut and carat weight. In terms of looks and cost, there are a lot of great options of this type.

The purpose is also one of the reasons why people buy them. It doesn’t have to be wedding rings. Maybe you want a cocktail ring or a pair of earrings, so you won’t need to get ones with higher clarity.

There is a small chance that someone will ask you in public to see the ring or earrings, so the quality is hard to notice in distance. The size and cut are more important when it comes to these diamonds. Because the cost of I1 is lower, you can invest in the size.

Every Diamond is Different

As a natural creation, they are very unique because every diamond is slightly different from others. There are even collectors that are searching for certain pattering of inclusions. So, don’t mind that they are cheaper than other types, you will have something unique and affordable.

The reason why you want to buy them doesn’t have to be for appearance, it can be an investment. If the diamond supply gets lower, the price will get higher and you will be able to earn some money. Also, if the demand for them rises, the price will also rise.

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