5 Reasons For The Rise Of Wigs As A Fashion Accessory

Rise Of Wigs As A Fashion Accessory

Wigs have existed since ancient times when they were considered a power symbol associated with wealth, elite status, aristocracy, and beauty, reflecting highly opulent lifestyles.

Since then, wigs have come a long way from the powdered wigs worn by judges and aristocrats to funky colored wigs worn to express one’s edgy and creative side.

The growth of technology and wig-making techniques have factored in the fantastic transformation of wigs from obviously fake-looking to undetectably natural-looking ones, making them a fast fashion choice for many. 

The entertainment and fashion industry saw a massive increase in hair wigs and extensions sales in 2022, reaching a staggering USD 2.89 billion. This growth shows consumers’ enthusiasm for new fashion trends, making experts predict that the hair industry is expected to grow annually by 1.17% from 2023 to 2027.

The exponential growth in the demand for wigs worldwide has created a wig revolution that is taking the world by storm.

The wig culture has made a roaring impact on the way society has accepted changing beauty measures over the years, making waves within the fashion world and beyond.

wigs have become an indispensable hair accessory in the realm of fashion and beauty enthusiasts, and rightfully so!

If you are on the fence about trying out a new look with a wig, here are 5 reasons why and how wigs have become a fashion accessory and why you should absolutely give it a go:

1. A Multipurpose Trend That’s Here To Stay

Gone are the days when women primarily used wigs to cover balding heads or thinning hair due to age-related hair loss, religious reasons (like the Jewish Sheitel), theatrical performances, medical issues like cancer, certain kinds of alopecia, treatments like chemotherapy, etc. 

Now, wigs are a fashion accessory commonly used by women worldwide to look their best and make a stunning appearance while restoring one’s self-confidence and boosting self-worth.

Wigs make you express yourselves in a redefined light, setting a new standard of beauty and raising the bar higher, one hairpiece at a time. 

2. For One and All

Wigs are not necessarily limited to women of certain ethnicities. They are worn by women of all backgrounds, making them an everyday fashion choice. 

Why just women? They are enjoyed by men and the LGBTQIA+ community and even flaunted by drag queens for their brilliant aesthetics.  

Human hair wigs and synthetic wigs come in different styles, colors and textures, allowing one to showcase their unique style and bold fashion statement whenever they please. 

3. Versatile Hairstyles

Wigs protect your natural hair. High-quality wigs from reliable suppliers and manufacturers like Superhairpieces allow you to instantly change your look with different hairstyles without the commitment of long-term damage and irreversible changes to your natural hair. 

You can experiment with new haircuts, lengths, colors, and voluminous hairstyles and even change your look for every occasion with human hair wigs for women without growing your own hair. 

Everyone from kids to teens and elders has jumped on the happy bandwagon of wig transformations to get gorgeous hair worth showing off.

High-quality wigs provide a natural and comfortable look for women to embrace their hairstyle changes easily. Wigs can be styled to match different outfits, occasions, and moods. Whether you prefer vintage hairstyles or flowing long hair one day and an edgy short textured bob or lob the next, wigs allow you to transform and express yourself effortlessly.

With wigs, the possibilities are endless, as you can switch from red hair to blonde the next day and pastel, patterned hair the day after without damaging your natural hair.

4. Emulating Celebs

Famous celebrities like Dolly Parton, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Kylie Jenner, etc, have openly spoken about their use of wigs and their vast collection of these hairpieces. Influencers, too, have showcased several different styles of wigs, making us even more curious to try out these beautiful styles. 

If you, too, want to create looks that emulate celebrities and even social media influencers, you need to use wigs to switch hairstyles effortlessly and embrace versatility without committing to permanent changes.

5. Realistic, Convenient and Affordable

Say goodbye to bad hair days. One of the significant reasons why wigs are becoming so mainstream today is because they mimic real scalp and hair growth patterns, providing an authentic, natural look. 

Wigs are now more accessible to a wider audience due to their competitive pricing. Online retailers such as Superhairpieces offer a wide range of wigs for women at different prices, making it easier for people to find a wig that suits their budget.

Being reliable, light and breathable, wigs are an ideal choice for those with a busy lifestyle. Since they lend themselves to all seasons, you don’t have to spend time trying to tame your hair or style it too much. 

Wigs have transcended their traditional roles to become integral to the fashion staple. There is no reason you shouldn’t own one!

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