3 Picture Day Outfit Ideas for Your Little Girl

Outfit Ideas for Little Girl

What to wear to Elementary Picture day can be tricky, especially when the weather isn’t cooperating. It’s not hard to find cute outfits for your elementary-aged girl to wear on picture day, but it can take some effort if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

Whether your elementary school requires uniforms or not, you should always aim to put your child in their best outfit on picture day so that they look their best and shine in their photo! Here are some ideas of how you can dress your little girl up the right way.

The fashionista

A little girl’s wardrobe is not complete without a few key pieces that can be mixed and matched to create endless outfit possibilities. When it comes to picture day, you want your daughter to look her best. A cute and trendy skirt with a bodysuit underneath is great when paired with accessories such as a bold headband, a cute choker necklace, or some stylish sneakers.

This is a great option for girls who want to show their personality. A bold color that’s in style such as a hot pink colored skirt and a black long-sleeved bodysuit shows that she knows which colors are trending and plays it subtle with a more tone-deaf color such as black. If it’s a cold day she can even wear a pair of knee-high boots or a pair of leggings with a platform shoe since those seem to be making a huge comeback in 2022.

The girly girl

Does your little girl love all things pink and frilly? If so, consider a pretty sundress in her favorite color or one of Presley Couture’s lace dresses. Add a pair of white or ivory shoes and some dainty jewelry, and she’ll be ready to smile for the camera! For cooler weather, she can wear a pastel-colored beret with a cashmere sweater, and pearl earrings.

For bottoms, she could do a pleated skirt with a pair of Mary Janes and frilly lace socks. Be sure she has a light layer under the sweater so that she doesn’t get too warm while she’s in class if she’s planning on wearing it all day. The layer underneath should also be comfortable enough so that if she chooses to take off the sweater at some point in the day, she’ll be comfortable.

The varsity style

The varsity style is perfect for picture day! It’s simple, yet trendy and your little girl will love it. To get this look, start with a pair of dark wash jeans and a white tee shirt. Then, add a red and white varsity jacket.

Finally, accessorize with a pair of sneakers and a red headband. Another option is a simple white collared shirt with a bow tie. This look is both classic and stylish. It can be paired with a skirt, knee-length socks, and platform shoes to give it a feminine touch. Or it can be worn with a pair of slacks and a pair of Chuck Taylor sneakers for a more boyish look. If the weather is cold, put a blazer on or a leather jacket to polish off the look.

If you’re looking for the perfect picture day outfit for your little girl, consider one of these three options. A dress is always a good choice, and you can’t go wrong with a classic shirt and jeans combo. Whatever you choose, make sure your child is comfortable so they can smile and have fun on picture day!

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