Things to consider while picking a sports bra online

Any true fashion lover understands the importance of different kinds of bras. While many bras might be perfect for fancy occasions, a sports bra is and always will be the one type we all rely on for maximum comfort and support.

Buying bras from stores can sometimes be an awkward affair, so if that is something that bothers you, you need not worry. With Zivame’s sports bras collection, you can easily stock up on the best sports bras online and increase your collection.

Shopping for bras online is a relatively easy affair as people in stores might not have the right bras that suit your needs. While shopping online, you can browse for bras anytime you like from an extensive collection of different styles ranging from plain to stylish.

Many aspects of online bra shopping work together to make sure you have a successful sports bra purchase. Here are some things you need to consider while picking a sports bra online:


Sports bras come in different support styles like low impact (for minimum support), medium impact (for ample support) and high impact (for maximum, high coverage). Depending on your sports bra usage, you can decide which one to buy accordingly. High impact sports bras are ideal if you engage in high-intensity workouts.


Know your measurements well before you order a sports bra online as different brands have different size charts. The usual small, medium and large size might not be the right fit for you, but that is not an issue. You can always refer to the size chart to find the right one.

Cut & Strap Style:

Depending on your needs and body shape, different cuts fit different people well. For example, cinched back cuts offer maximum support and are great for workout purposes. You can either go for a tank top style sports bra or order one with adjustable straps for the maximum amount of adjustable support.


This is a very important factor that makes all the difference in how comfortable your sports bra makes you feel. Buy fabrics like polyester, spandex, nylon, etc. to make sure it is soft on your skin and comfortable. These fabrics also have an added advantage of quick moisture absorption. They also dry up quickly instead of the usual cotton that can take a long time to dry.

Any sports bra you want, name it, and Zivame has it ready for you. With the best quality and best prices, this is a great site to buy all your favourite sports bras online.

 Taking utmost care while ordering a sports bra online is important, and we hope this list of things to consider helped. Zivame works for the best interests of its customers, so do not hesitate before placing an order.

Having the right sports bras can make a massive difference to your confidence, looks, comfort, etc. and here’s your chance to stock up on the best ones. Go ahead and start shopping!

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