New Fashion Trend – Webz Shoes

Webz is a shoe that is a hybrid and combines the benefits of sandal, trainer and flip flops. It is breathable just like a sandal or flip flops, yet it combines the comfort and full footbed support of a trainer.

All of this compacted into a style that is highly fashionable. You can go from the pool to biking to picking up family from practice with no need to change shoes. You no longer need to worry about packing a many shoes for the sun as Webz is the ultimate summer shoe.

It is excellent for holiday and travel vacation. An incredible unique hybrid trainer, sandal, flip-flop. Just add sole.

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Grease, oil and water resistant

Webz are also grease, oil and water resistant. Add to this the unique and stunning design – there is nothing like this on the planet. They are quite simply the most outstanding all-round piece of summer footwear in the world.

It doesn’t matter whether you are traveling for work or pleasure or going about your daily humdrum, Webz has a place in your lifestyle. This company makes these shoes comfortable and extremely adaptable.


The current mission is to build wearable lifestyle products that combine fashion and function using innovation and most importantly your input. From the moment we had the Webz, we knew we had to rely on our core customer base for feedback prior to even building our first shoe.

It is a shoe that has truly been built as much by our customers than it has by us. We kept asking along the way; how do you want it to look, feel and importantly, how do you want them to make you feel. We did this without losing the integrity behind our original hybrid shoe idea.

Close bond

We will keep this close bond going during the evolution of our products, asking the important questions, getting your ideas and thoughts, incorporating them into our models and designs, making them work for you and doing exactly what you want them to do. They are currently raising money on Kickstarter.

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