Mother’s Day Wooden Accessory Shopping Guide

One of the biggest holidays of the year (as far as moms are concerned) is right around the corner! What better way to celebrate than with sustainable wooden watches that are sure to brighten her day?

Every mom has a different style so it can be a little difficult to find the perfect gift. Luckily for you, we have curated a list of accessories that can fit any personality!

Check out our Mother’s Day buying guide to help you stay on track.

Spunky and Upbeat

Perfect for the mom that loves to get out and get going! The “Kamera” watch is a hot piece with lots of color and spunk. Boasting band colors from bright green to coffee jean, this wooden masterpiece is sure to keep up with her style.

While the band itself comes in various colors, the real work of art is the watch’s unique face. The beautiful teal hands are surrounded by a gorgeously designed wooden outline that is simply a joy to wear.

The Vacation Queen

Some moms love a good a vacation (or they simply make every day seem like one). For the lady that always wants some fun in the sun, the “Hamilton” sunglasses are a must have. These handcrafted beauties are designed with dark tint lenses and polarized protection.

Whether she’s a fan of red or blue tones, your gift can be customized to fit her favorite color. The best part?

They come with a complimentary round bamboo case!

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A Lady with Options

Sometimes mom might not know exactly what she wants, and that perfectly fine! The “Avanti” watch is made with the indecisive shopper in mind. This gorgeous handmade wood watch comes in an array of colors and materials that are sure to give mom just what she wants.

Whether she’s feeling Pui wood or Ebony, Army Green or elegant red, there’s no shortage of options with this watch.

Ready for Anything

Accidents happen. So, for the mom on the go, water proofing is essential. This square sandalwood watch is a beautifully created piece that is also ready to take on the weather! In addition to it’s beautiful aesthetic, the piece is also non-toxic and hypoallergenic. Give this as a gift and mom will receive a long lasting, energy saving, and super silent, handmade piece.

The Perfect Pattern

If the mom in your life is a lover of a good pattern, we’ve got just the thing. Pui and Teak wood come together to create an abstract pattern suited for any woman of style. The beautifully designed band goes perfectly with the intricate cut of the watch’s wooden edges. This timepiece is both a representation of natural beauty and exquisite style, just what any pattern lover would want!

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Now you’re all set to to wow the lady in your life on her special day. Whether you use any one of the options from our guide, or, decide to spring for a gift certificate, a sustainable (and fashionable) accessory is the best way to go this Mother’s Day.

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