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luxury lingerie

What does the term ‘luxury lingerie’ mean to you? Depending on where you live or have grown up, it probably means something slightly different. Just as different countries have different fashions, so too do they have different lingerie styles – it’s just not so obvious, since this type of clothing is typically hidden away.

Here are some of my favourite countries in terms of lingerie styles, and what makes them unique:


France could be considered the ‘Mother of Lingerie’ – of course, we’ve wore underwear around the world for most of history, but the word lingerie itself is French and was coined to describe the luxurious, beautiful underthings the French started producing well ahead of their foreign counterparts.

French lingerie is, in my opinion, epitomised by beautiful lace. France has always had a famous lace-making industry and it’s here that some of the finest, handmade laces can be found including my very favourite type, the heavily embroidered guipure lace.

French lingerie is therefore rich in beautiful lace and has a very feminine, delicate look. French knickers are also obviously a French creation, showing that the French aesthetic is more ‘leave it to the imagination’ than ‘reveal all’.


Italian lingerie is also amongst the finest of the world and whilst there’s plenty of lace in sight, it does have a slightly different aesthetic to French lingerie. Whilst French lingerie is very ‘frou frou’, Italian lingerie has a sleeker silhouette.

There are more satins and satin-jersey fabrics, and I’ve also noticed that Italian lingerie is more likely to have a bit of ‘bling’ – diamante trims and decorations.

The UK

The UK is simply brimming with luxury lingerie that has a unique look all of it’s own. In a country that brought us Fifty Shades of Grey and Ann Summers, it’s only normal that British lingerie has always had a touch of bondage inspiration.

From the stunning designs of Bordelle that are made using plenty of thick elatic straps and buckles, through to the popularity of harness bras, elastic suspender belts and lashings of black, British lingerie is definitely very sexy and designed for the strong, self-assured woman.

It’s not all ‘bondage’ though – other popular styles tend to be very girly, with bows everywhere and lots of lace trims.


Indian lingerie is becoming more and more popular, no doubt due to its unique look that’s heavily influenced by the typical Indian colour palette of reds and golds, and the culture’s love of heavily detailed, decorated fashions. Luxury lingerie from India tends to feature a lot of embroidery and is certainly anything but plain.


American lingerie on the other hand can seem quite simple in comparison to the luxury lingerie of the countries I’ve listed above. I’ve noticed that American lingerie tends to be ‘plainer’, because much more emphasis is placed on fit and function.

Sleek, seamless t-shirt bras are very common and there is typically less decoration than in other countries – whereas in the UK you’d typically see a bow at the centre of the cups or on the straps from many high-street bras, in America things are kept quite simple.

That’s not to say America doesn’t have luxury lingerie because of course they do, but even then things tend to be kept quite simple – a sleek lace bra or bustier for example, rather than anything frilly or elaborately trimmed. Websites like and few more are perfect choice if you are looking for online shopping.

These 5 countries are the ones I know best in terms of lingerie design, but I’m sure there are plenty more places out there with their own unique aesthetic. I’d love to hear which country has your favourite lingerie styles – just leave me a comment below!

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