The Latest And Hottest Trends For London Wigs This Year

Are You Ready To Transform Your Look This Spring?

The capital is just the place to try out your latest style of wig. Will you go for a blunt bob with bangs, or embrace your natural grey?

As we head into Spring, Londoners are transforming their look in anticipation of the warmer weather – and where better to start than by updating your wig collection?

Wigs offer incredible versatility in comparison to your real hair. You can simply chop and change styles to keep up with the capital’s current trends. Whether you’re looking to update your regular wig, or wish to purchase a new one entirely, here are some of the latest looks that are turning heads in London town.

Blunt Bob

Long, layered hair is out, in favour of the blunt, bob this season. Celebrities like Kendall Jenner or Karlie Kloss are already sporting the new look, and Londoners are catching on in droves. 

If you already have a long-haired wig, then it should be easy to return to your wigmaker and ask them to shorten it up, so long as you’re confident that you won’t want to revert back to the full length again any time soon. It may be easier for you to add a new bob wig to your collection to give you an extra option.

The length of bob you’re going for is somewhere between the nape of your neck and your ears, avoiding layers and aiming for a chunky, sharp finish. This look suits even those with thinner hair as the bluntness adds a lot of depth and texture. It’s also appropriate for all face shapes as the length can be somewhatvaried.

Bangs Are Back

Along with the bob, the other hot trend for London hair this season is the fringe, which has been the talk of London Fashion Week. Londoners are even inspiring those across the pond with their ‘bangs are back’ trend. Many styles of wig will allow for a fringe to be cut into the front if you’d like to get onboard with this current trend.

Embracing Your Grey

The great news for more mature Londoners this Spring is that grey hair is on trend. Whilst hair colouring will always be a great option for those looking for an image change, there are an increasing number of Londoners who are embracing the natural look and letting their grey shine through.

If you’re new to wig-wearing and wish for your hairpiece to appear identical to your existing grey hair, then it will be possible for your wigmaker to blend strands of grey in until you get the right mix.

Accessorise Your Wig

This style is ideal for those with only one wig – a quick and easy way to sport a fresh look is simply to add accessories to your hairpiece.

Bows, ribbons and diamante clips are all perfect ways to spruce up your wigs, but the important thing to remember is to choose those that are quite lightweight, so they don’t pull on the base of the wig.

As soon as you’ve taken your wig off, remember to remove the accessories before you place it back on its stand.

If you’re a proud wearer of wigs London is the place to be this year to try out the latest head-turning styles.

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