How to Wear a Saree Step by Step Guide for Beginners

Looking for step by step guide to know how to wear saree? Read the entire blog to check the saree draping tricks and how to guide.

First of all, make sure your petticoat is tight snug. You should also have your shoes on before you start draping so you get the length right.

Start by taking one end of your saree and keep tucking it into your waistband.

The saree should just barely touch the ground so your shoes don’t show.

 But it should not be too long or else you might trip. Go on one full round and stop at your navel.

how to wear saree step by step
How to wear saree step by step guide

Now take the other end of the saree and being to pleat it. This is what will make your pallu. Use your fingers to span the size of each pleat. Taka fabric in and out alternately

Bring the pleats behind you and towards your right hip. Making sure they are equal before you set it on your left shoulder.

Now here are my tricks to make things easier for you.

Trick No 1

Using safety pins secure the pleats together at any two points on the pallu a little far apart.

We are going to remove these towards the end.

Adjust the length a little below knee level. Once you have done this, use a safety pins to hold the pallu on to your blouse at the shoulder.

Next, full the fabrics from the top right and bring it to the front at your navel.

There are two ways to keep this in place, you can either tuck it in like this or you can pull taut diagonally and secure it with a safety pin.

Trick No 2:

Wearing a diagonally will make your look so much slimmer 

Now let’s go for the pleats

You need to hold the rest of the fabric to make a loop Infront of you.

Just like you did earlier, use your fingers to pleat it making sure all the pleats are the same length.

And now it’s time for the third and final trick

Trick No 3:

To prevent your perfect pleats from ditching you, use a safety pin to hold them all together.

And tuck them into the waistband making sure there are at floor length,

Finish off by removing the pins from your pallu.

You really don’t want to go out with those there. 

So that it gets ready to flaunt your saree this festive season.

Check out the below video on how to wear saree step by step guide.

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