How to Get a Six-Pack Fast with Best Lower Ab Workout

We all want to feel confident, and especially somewhere like on the beach, and we know that a six-pack set of abs can be key to this.

Also, we mustn’t forget that a great set of abs can really drive the opposite sex wild.

To get that six-pack, you need to exercise your lower abs, so if you read on, I will tell you the three most important exercises for having that best lower ab workout… but first, let’s have a reality check.

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Reality Check

For most people, it’s not the best lower ab workout that you need; in fact it’s a lower calorie workout that is needed. This is because there is too much body fat covering those lower abdominals, so no matter how perfect those ads are, no one’s going to see them under that layer of fat.

If you are truly committed to your goal and really want a six-pack, then you’ll probably need a meal plan that makes a net deficit of calories as well as a high density weight training program that’s going to create the right hormones that will ultimately help get that fat off your body. So bare this in mind because doing the best lower ab workout alone won’t create that much desired six-pack.

Best Lower Ab Workout

Ok, so let’s have a look at the three exercises which I believe are great for performing the best lower ab workout. These exercises will really work your lower abdominals and will get them popping as well as your other muscles.

To perform the best lower ab workout, you shouldn’t be doing much more than three or four exercises combined together because when there’s too much thinking involved, you lose the intensity of the workout. You should be aiming to go for about 15-25 reps on each of these and we are going to do anywhere from three to six sets depending on your fitness level.

Reverse Crunches

For the first part of our best lower ab workout, lie on a raised bench with your head at the top and you hands behind your head, holding on to the top of the bench. Then raise your knees up to your face, allowing them to bend naturally and then lower and repeat.

After a couple of these, slightly change and instead of lowering your knees after reaching your face, thrust both legs straight up into the air so that they are close to vertical and then lower and repeat. This is a stretch and contraction exercise combined into one. If you don’t have a bench, you can use the floor instead.

Roll Out

Now for this part of our best lower ab workout, we’re going to do a roll out. If you have an exercise ball, you can use that, but if not, an abs wheel can be just as good. Kneel down and start with your arms extended out in front of you with your hands resting on the middle of the ball as if you are about to dive into a swimming pool.

Then push yourself forward allowing yourself to roll over the ball until you are resting on it with your arms and body lying forward in the air in a flat position. Keep your abs tight and as a stabilizer to stop you falling.

Once you have reached the desired stretch, contract your abs and roll back up so you have returned to the kneeling position in which you started. Then keep repeating as you do this part of the best lower ab workout.

Reverse Ball Crunches

Reverse Ball Crunches is also important in making this the best lower ab workout. Sit on the exercise ball and lean back and hold onto a bar behind your head. Then lift your legs up as far as feels possible and lower and repeat.

Alternatively, you can do this by lying flat on your back on the floor. If you are relatively new to this exercise, you can place your arms by your side; otherwise place them behind your head. Place the ball under your knees and dig your heels into it.

Then contract your abs and in doing so raise your knees, along with the ball, up until your knees reach your chest. You can make it even harder by also lifting your butt off the ground.

Some Advice

To maximize the best lower ab workout you should do a circuit of all three of these exercises with short rest periods that forces a lot of sweating and oxygen absorption.

Remember, don’t be a robot when you train and don’t be a mental slave to the program, the reps and the sets – focus on the experience, on sweating, gorging the muscles with blood, and increasing your heart rate – that’s the stuff that gets you results, not the counting alone.

Probably for most of you reading this, you need to lose fat, so remember, you need to push yourself; you want to keep the rest periods short; resulting in the burning up of fat and the release of greater amounts of growth hormone.

Remember if you want to look fit, you’ve got to get fit, so start thinking like that and use that philosophy next time you exercise and you will find you will be having yourself the best lower ab workout.

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