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Ballroom Dance Shoes: Keeping You On Your Toes

Ballroom Latin Dance Costumes

When you are looking for ballroom dance shoes, the choices can be quite overwhelming and it is useful to take advice before committing to your purchase. It is always advisable to try on a new pair of ballroom shoes before you decide to buy. This is no different than choosing any other pair of shoes. If you do not have a local store which sells...

Trending Indian Bottom Wear For Plus Size Women

bottom wear

The term Bottom Wear has recently become something of a fashion phenomenon. Moreover, with new ideas and experiments by cheesy designers, it is Indian bottom wear that steals the limelight more often than not. From modest Salwars to highly elaborate Dhoti Pants, Indian women freely experiment with their tightrope bottoms. Gone are the days when...

Triathlon Swimming Equipment

swim caps

In the past, swimming equipment was the easiest thing to buy. There was just a swimming suit and may be a pair of goggles. What else was there? These days, swimming equipment is as diverse as it is expensive. This came with the awareness that what you wear in the water decides how fast you’re able to swim. Therefore, choosing and buying the...

The Custom Jewelry Craze

custon jewelry

A piece of custom-made jewelry not only adds uniqueness but it is also loaded with your sentiments and emotions. In the case of engagements people order for custom made rings instead of buying the traditional or common designs. There is no doubt that custom made designs have more life in comparison with other readymade ornaments. Jewelry is an all...

3 Picture Day Outfit Ideas for Your Little Girl

Outfit Ideas for Little Girl

What to wear to Elementary Picture day can be tricky, especially when the weather isn’t cooperating. It’s not hard to find cute outfits for your elementary-aged girl to wear on picture day, but it can take some effort if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Whether your elementary school requires uniforms or not, you should always aim to put...

Luxury Lingerie From Around The World

luxury lingerie

What does the term ‘luxury lingerie’ mean to you? Depending on where you live or have grown up, it probably means something slightly different. Just as different countries have different fashions, so too do they have different lingerie styles – it’s just not so obvious, since this type of clothing is typically hidden away. Here are some of my...

11 Ways to Quickly Remove Lint from Your Clothes


You’re getting ready to go out when you get your clothing from the closet and realize there’s lint all over your clothes. When you’re in a hurry, you need to remove stray lint, pet fur and even pesky strands of human hair in a snap. Here are 11 ways to quickly remove lint from clothes. 1. Use a Lint Remover Believe it or not, one easy way to...

11 Subtle Ways to Update Your Wardrobe

If you’re the kind of dresser who’s developed a formula that works, you may find it challenging or pointless to mix things up in the wardrobe department. But giving yourself a unique new style or a few fresh pieces can do wonders for your self-esteem, and it can even influence the way others perceive you.  Source: Tinxi/