Decoding Saree Styles: The Ultimate Guide To Matching Sarees With Occasions

saree styles

A saree, the epitome of grace and femininity, is one of the best traditional outfits that finds its place in a woman’s wardrobe. For women of all ages, sarees have been a symbol of elegance, feminine charm, and individuality. Additionally, the cultural representation that comes from a saree is not visible through any other Indian attire, even though we have a variety of traditional outfits. But with so many options, which sarees should be a part of your wardrobe?

Here is a blog to ease out all such knots in your mind. Even though a saree is the perfect pick for almost every occasion, some styles are more appropriate for festive occasions, and others are more formal. To make this easy, here is a blog that can help you pick the best styles for every occasion.

A Saree for Every Occasion

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Let us uncover some of the most popular saree designs that can be styled for a  variety of occasions.

Ruffled Sarees

If you are a fan of chic styling but are also an ardent admirer of traditional dressing, then contemporary ready to wear sarees with ruffled detailing are the best fit for you. For daytime events or evening open-air intimate soirees, this saree should be your perfect pick.

Embroidered Sarees

Whether you are getting ready for a festival or a celebratory occasion like a wedding, the best outfit choice that you can make is an embroidered saree. Styling embroidered sarees for grand occasions like a wedding and festive celebrations can elevate your personal style several notches.

Lehenga Saree

For pre-wedding events and wedding celebrations, women always face a fix between a Lehenga and a saree. Why not choose a Lehenga saree? These are embellished sarees with contemporary drapes and a stunning silhouette which offers a phenomenal festive outfit.

Printed Sarees

If you are a working professional or a homemaker, a printed saree is your wardrobe companion either way. You can pick traditional prints or minimal floral prints which you can style for a long day at work or a stay-at-home kinda day. With minimal accessories, you can effortlessly make this saree work for you whether you have to run errands or waltz into meetings.

Indo-Western Sarees

Do you have a Gala night to attend and you are confused as to what should you wear? If yes then there is a wide variety of Indo-Western ready to wear sarees which can be an instant game changer for you. Explore colours, fabrics, and silhouettes as per your preference and get ready to upgrade your fashion with a fusion saree. 


We hope this blog has helped you understand which style can be perfect for which event. Now, you can explore conventional drapes and ready to wear sarees to upgrade your personal style without having to face any wardrobe dilemmas. Discover a fancy range of sarees for yourself from online ethnic fashion brands for women such as Libas and elevate your style quotient in 2024!

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