Cool and Unusual Gifts for Men

gift ideas for men

As opposite to women, men are not that picky when it comes to presents. Many of them prefer practical things they can use on a daily basis such as a lighter, a perfume, a new wallet, and so on. However, what do you do when your loved already has these things?

Just like women, men want to be surprised every now and then, so the following cool and unusual fashion gifts will certainly make an impression on your boyfriend, husband, or best friend. is of the best online store where you can find some amazing gift items under your budget.

Find the list of some cool and unusual gift ideas for men

Personalized smartphone case

A personalized smartphone case is the ultimate gift idea. Select a favorite type of material and color, and opt for the most unusual engraving. You can have your boyfriend’s name written on the case, or you can have a funny message carved. Regardless, a customized case will definitely appeal to his senses. There are numerous websites you can check out. Place your order online and have your personalized case delivered at your doorstep.

Latest video game

Unfortunately, we can’t run away from advanced technology. Assuming your love one is a video game fanatic who just can’t spend a day without playing on the Xbox or PlayStation, buying him the most recently-released video game might make him love you more. It’s a cool idea, although for some women it will be a sacrifice. Let’s hope he will appreciate what you did for him.

Vintage bottle of whisky

Most men enjoy good quality alcoholic beverages, particularly scotch or whisky. If you can afford to invest in a bottle of 12-year old scotch (the older the better), then do it. You husband or boyfriend will definitely appreciate the gesture. Make sure it’s something of fine quality; ask around if you’re not an expert.

Vintage video game console

Some people still crave old-fashioned video games and video game consoles. If your loved one already owns the latest PS4 and Xbox One, he will certainly appreciate a retro device, too. They’re not that easy to find though, so you may have get one from eBay. Your modern gamer will certainly enjoy a Sega Mega Drive from 1988, or maybe a Super Nintendo System from 1990.

Personalized whisky barrel

Customized whisky barrels are in trend right now. They’re interesting and they come in all sizes and shapes. If your loved one is a whisky lover, this unusual gift idea will surprise him. Miniature barrels don’t accommodate just whisky; you can always fill it with your loved one’s favorite type of wine, or any other sort of spirit. Don’t forget to cure the barrel for 4 days, prior to using it.

Suit pajama

A suit pajama is definitely a cool gift idea. Your boyfriend will be delighted to receive such an amazing present. If your loved one is an avid fan of the TV show “How I Met Your Mother”, getting a Barney suit, but under the form of a pajama, will leave him speechless. The suitjama is made of comfortable materials, it looks sleek and modern, and it doesn’t cost a fortune.

Digital photo frame

If your husband or boyfriend is a tech freak, then he will appreciate a digital photo frame. There are many kinds available in the marketplace, starting from the most affordable to the most high-end. Settle on a budget and hunt for the coolest frame. Certain devices support high resolution pictures, and even mp3s.


Fancy wristwatches are a thing of the past. Right now, everyone seems to crave the latest fashion trends and the most advanced smartwatches. A lot of tech companies are now competing for the coolest device on the market, including Apple, Android, LG, Samsung and numerous others. In terms of cost, most timepieces are between $100 and $300. How much are you willing to spend to impress a loved one?

Whether you have $50 or $500 to spend on a gift for a boyfriend or husband, the most important thing is to invest in something meaningful. Men want to be surprised just as much as women. They don’t want new wallets, socks and a new lighter. These are trivial gift ideas anyone can things of. It’s always a great idea to buy something cooler, and more unusual. This will show how much you actually care for that special someone.

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