Chikankari: The Elegant Intricate Embroidery that Supports Livelihood


Chikankari is a craft that all of us have seen someone wearing at some point or another. Be it a Bollywood celeb, artisanal bazaars, or airport looks, Chikankari kurtas are a part of it.

And in case you are one of those who are yet to discover the world of Chikanakri, then buckle up, because today we’re diving into the mesmerizing world of Chikankari. 

Now, if some of you are scratching your head wondering, “Chikan-what?” don’t fret. By the end of this, not only will you be a Chikankari champion, but you’ll also understand how these ancient crafts support the livelihood of so many artisans. 

Before we dive further let’s understand a brief about the History of Chikankari: 

History of Chikankari

pink chikankari

Born in the vibrant city of Lucknow, India, Chikankari is a form of hand embroidery – classic, elegant, and always in style. For centuries, artisans have been mastering this craft, handing down their secrets from generation to generation. Yep, it’s been a family affair for ages!

Mughal Empress Noor Jahan, known for her impeccable taste in arts and crafts, played a significant role in popularizing Chikankari during her reign. She took a keen interest in the craft and elevated its status, making it a cherished art form amongst the royalty.

Now, onto its looks: Picture the most delicate embroidery you’ve ever seen. Now, add in intricate patterns of twirling vines, blooming flowers, and even some majestic animals.

Sustainability and Chikankari: The Dream Team

In today’s world of fast fashion and “wear-it-once” culture, Chikankari stands tall like that one friend who always remembers to recycle. But why? Here’s the lowdown:

All By Hand

Every piece of Chikankari work is intricately hand embroidered by artisans in Lucknow Done entirely by hand, it doesn’t rely on big, carbon-emitting machines. It’s just the skilled hands of artisans, their needles, threads, and a whole lot of patience. Mother Earth definitely sends her thanks for this sustainability rooted handicrafts.

Slow and Steady Craftsmanship

In the world of Chikankari, there’s no room for rush jobs. Every piece takes time, ensuring it’s done to perfection. This slow pace means that instead of churning out heaps of garments that might end up in landfills, Chikankari produces fewer items, but of stellar quality.

Natural Finest Quality Fabrics

Most Chikankari is stitched onto natural fabrics. Think of breathable cotton and delicate muslins. These fabrics are not only comfy as heck but also decompose way faster than synthetic ones.

Offers Great Variety

Chikankari doesn’t just stop at kurtas or fashion. chikankari is a whole universe containing exclusive fashion, decor and lifestyle items.

Chikan Kurtas: Chikankari kurtas are perfect for almost any event. Brunches to boardrooms, they got you covered.

Chikankari Lehengas: Perfect outfits for bridal Trosseaou or bridesmaid dresses. Not just this chikankari lehenga looks good on all age group, whether its the bride or mother of the bride. All can look elegant in chikankari.

Chikankari Palazzos: Blend comfort with handcrafted goodness?Yes, please!

Chikankari Sarees: Channel that inner diva with these drapes of sheer elegance.

You see, options galore, and each one is a sustainable fashion icon!

Why Should Chikankari Be on Your Radar?

Beyond looking absolutely fabulous, when you choose Chikankari, you’re making a statement. A statement that says, “I care about our planet, AND I want to look good doing it.”

Supporting Local Talent

Every Chikankari piece you buy supports artisans who’ve spent years perfecting their craft. You’re not just buying a piece of clothing; you’re buying a piece of someone’s life, passion, and history.

Eco-friendly Fashion

By opting for Chikankari, you’re reducing your carbon footprint, promoting slower, more sustainable fashion, and let’s not forget, rocking a unique style. That’s a win-win-win in our books!

Keeping Tradition Alive

Let’s face it; traditions can be cooler than the latest TikTok dance. By supporting Chikankari, you’re ensuring that this age-old craft doesn’t get lost in the sands of time.

Wrapping It Up 

To sum it all up, Chikankari is the real MVP in the fashion game. Not only does it ooze style and elegance, but it also gives our planet the love and respect it deserves. So the next time you’re thinking of updating your wardrobe, why not make a choice that’s both stylish and sustainable?

After all, when you can be both fashionable and eco-friendly, that’s what we call a fashion-forward move.

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