Author - Shiyamala

Planning a Cocktail Party? 6 Tips to Make it Hassle-free

tips to make hassle free cocktail party

Fun, celebration, and good memories: a cocktail party reminiscences all the good times. But here is what is better than a cocktail party itself: hosting a fun party where you have all your loved ones. Whether it is the first time you are hosting a cocktail party or you host it too often, your party should be perfect. But is it ever so easy to plan...

10 Best Crop Top Styles to Rock this Winter

best crop top styles to rock this winter

In recent years, Crop tops have won millions hearts for their jazzy charm, super comfort and undeniable chic. Although Crop tops are well-known as a summer outfit but with the proper styling methods and right accessories, crop tops can become your strongest weapon to win this winter fashion game. Recall that 90’s spice girls era when Crop Tops...

4 Benefits To Wearing A Full Coverage Bra To The Office

full coverage bra

When you’re picking out items to wear to work at the office, you may not be thinking about your choice of undergarments. The right bra can go a long way if you want to pull off a smart, professional look for the office. One great type of bra that works well for workwear is the full coverage bra. Here are four benefits to wearing a full coverage...