7 Ways to Style Men’s Bootcut Jeans

boot cut jeans

For men’s clothing, the secret is in a single word: versatility is fundamental. And what better way to embrace versatility than with a timeless classic: bootcut jeans for men. While slim-fit and skinny jeans have been the most trendy fashion pieces in recent times, these bottoms have regained recognition for delivering a ‘chic’ and peculiar look in the modern age. Here are seven unique ways to style bootcut jeans for men, ensuring you grab the attention of onlookers everywhere.

7 Best Ways to Style Men’s Bootcut Jeans

01. Classic Casual:

The outfit for a simple yet sophisticated appearance is in the combination of your bootcut jeans with a simple white T-shirt and a smart denim jacket. Roll up the cuffs of the jeans to get the flair, and complete the look with sneakers or leather loafers. Being a Saturday outfit, this chic style just screams brunches and outings with pals.

02. Business Casual:

Yup! Even in the workplace, you can wear bootcut jeans. Go for a dark-washed pair of boot-cut jeans and combine them with a classic button-down shirt. A plaid shirt is the perfect base for this look. Add a layer of finesse with a fitted blazer. Dress shoes or Chelsea boots are the ideal complement here.

03. Urban Street Style:

To infuse an edgy vibe, pair bootcut jeans with a graphic tee and a bomber jacket. You can spice things up a little more with a pair of casual shoes, such as high-tops or combat boots. Team the outfit with a beanie or snapback hat to increase the fashion street quota.

04. Vintage Vibes:

Channel the retro charm by matching your bootcut jeans with a vintage band tee and a leather jacket. To hit the mark, grab round sunglasses and suede boots, slightly resembling the time of the ’70s trendy look. One way or another, the mixed top and denim shorts are your go-to summer outfit with a pinch of retro, giving you that relaxed laid-back look.

05. Denim Duo:

For a modern twist, sport your boot-cut jeans with a denim shirt in a contrasting shade. Add a finishing touch with a timeless wristwatch, and a leather belt and classic ankle boots to keep everything in place.

06. Athleisure Edge:

Bring comfort and fashion to the same category by throwing a fitted hoodie and bootcut jeans for men. Customise the style by adding white sneakers and a baseball cap for a sporty attitude but still fashionable. Whether you’re going out grocery shopping or having coffee with buddies, this sporty-stylish look is sure to give you that cool vibe every time.

07. Beachy Boho Chic:

For beach days or summer parties, team your bootcut jeans with a linen shirt and woven sandals. To get the bohemian look, adorn your outfit further with a straw fedora and round sunglasses. This beach-friendly outfit will allow you to bask in the beautiful sunlight and be as cool as ever, be it at the beach or a beachside BBQ.

In conclusion, bootcut jeans for men are a wardrobe must-have that can be styled endlessly to meet one’s style or occasion. From weekends to formal events, these pants let you put together a look of your own. So, what are you waiting for? Update your wardrobe with a pair of bootcut jeans for men and take your style quotient to the next level.

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