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11 Ways to Quickly Remove Lint from Your Clothes


You’re getting ready to go out when you get your clothing from the closet and realize there’s lint all over your clothes. When you’re in a hurry, you need to remove stray lint, pet fur and even pesky strands of human hair in a snap.

Here are 11 ways to quickly remove lint from clothes.

1. Use a Lint Remover

Believe it or not, one easy way to remove lint from your clothes is with a designated lint remover. These portable tools are simple and light to carry around, so you can stick them in your purse or jacket pocket when you’re on the go. Before your next big meeting happens and you notice you have lint or hair on your nice clothes, just whip out the lint remover — and voila! You’ll be ready for your presentation or a hot date.

2. Pat with Sticky Tape

When we say sticky tape, we don’t mean duct tape that you can use to patch a hole at the bottom of a motorboat. We don’t mean masking tape that painters use to make sure they paint in straight lines. Don’t even think of using packaging tape. You’ll want to use simple Scotch™ tape that your nephew uses when he’s doing an art project at school. Wrap the tape around your hand and have the sticky side facing outward. Pat your clothing with the tape and repeat until the lint is gone.

3. Rub with a Pumice Stone

You go into your closet to take out your favorite sweater only to find lint and pills all over it. You may not know what pills are, but you’ve seen them before. They’re those pesky balls of fluff that get stuck to your sweater and make them look clumpy. Use a high quality pumice stone because lower quality ones can leave stains on your clothing. Simply rub the stone over the pills to loosen and remove them. Then, use a portable lint remover to help remove any remaining lint.

4. Scrub with a Scouring Pad

If you have a clean and dry sponge, you can use the abrasive side of the sponge to help get rid of any lint. When using the sponge, make sure you rub it on your clothing in one direction only to remove the lint properly. Using the abrasive side of the sponge or a scouring pad works better at removing lint than the soft side of the sponge. If the dry sponge isn’t doing the trick, you can also dampen the sponge or scouring pad to pick up more lint.

5. Spritz with an Anti-Static Spray

You don’t have to go out to the store to get an anti-static spray. You can make a DIY anti-static spray with ingredients you already have at home. Find an empty spray bottle and make a mixture of fabric conditioner and water. Spritz your clothing with the anti-static spray and wipe away the lint.

6. Brush with Dryer Sheets

Thanks to the anti-static properties of your everyday dryer sheets, they also act as great tools for removing lint from your clothing. Just run the clean and dry dryer sheet over your shirt or favorite pair of denim. Another tip for helping prevent lint in the first place is to regularly clean out your lint trap. Lint, hair, fur and other debris builds up in your lint trap after every cycle. Cleaning the lint trap regularly will help prevent any fire hazards, maintain the life of your dryer and keep your clothes neater.

7. Try a Disposable Razor

You already shave your face or your legs. If you have any disposable razors lying around, you can use one on your clothing to remove lint. Just run the razor over your clothing in one direction. The lint will come right off.

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8. Blow Dry with a Hair Dryer

Another tool you can use that you already have at home is your hair dryer. This trick works best on clothing that’s already dry and clean. Blow dry your clothes with a hair dryer to move the lint off your clothing.

9. Wash Clothing Inside Out

Lint and pilling is basically inevitable. While you can’t completely prevent lint or pilling from happening on your clothes, you can wash your clothes inside out to help reduce the amount of lint and pilling that happens on your clothing. Washing them inside out will help make sure that the lint and pilling buildup happens mainly on the inside of your clothes rather than on the outside where you and other people can see them.

10. Air Dry Washed Clothing

Besides helping prevent lint buildup on your clothes, according to Better Homes & Gardens, air drying uses less energy. That means you’ll be saving money, making less of a negative impact on the environment, preventing static cling and extending the overall life of your clothing by reducing wear and tear that happens in the dryer. Too much heat is an enemy of clothing.

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11. Best Method for Removing Lint from Clothes

While household hacks like sticky tape and sponges can be fun tricks to get rid of lint, you don’t always want to deal with having to throw out sticky tape or wasting yet another sponge just to get rid of lint. A portable lint remover that can remove lint, pet fur and human hair does it all. Plus, they’re reusable and you don’t have to worry about throwing them out after one use. You can use it over and over again on your clothing, furniture and the inside of your car.

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