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6 Types Of Stylish Banarasi saree For Wedding You Must Own

Indian women always adore Banarasi sarees, and everyone always falls in love with their lustrous beauty. Especially the red Banarasi saree. A red Banarasi saree is loved by women of various ages, various religions and ethnicities.It demonstrates your sophistication and opulence at any event.

A red Banarasi saree is regarded as one of the greatest wedding attires of all time, despite their reputation as a traditional attire.You can find a variety of Banarasi sarees online, some of which you may not be familiar with.You can find six must-have Banarasi sarees online in this article including my favorite, the red Banarasi saree.These stunning Banarasi sarees are flattering in style and can be worn as bridal or traditional attire.

Banarasi sarees come in a wide range of styles.The most well-liked are:Sarees in the Korial, Pashmina, Traditional, and Tanchoi varieties of banarasi.There are additional varieties, but these four are the most distinctive and superior in quality.

How are these sarees produced?This stunning bridal saree is crafted with zari, Kora, and other materials by hand from silk that has been expertly woven.Natural silk, excellent embroidery, gold, zari, and silver handwork make Banarasi sarees world-famous.

Let us have a look at 6 must-have Banarasi sarees.

1. Katan – the Pure Silk

Katan, or pure silk, is a plain silk fabric.Pure silk sarees are made by twisting and weaving pure silk threads together like this.The ancient Katan sarees were handwoven on handlooms, whereas these sarees are now made with looms.Benarasi has fallen in love all over again thanks to the fabric’s incredible softness and fineness.

2. Korai Banarasi saree

The name “kora,” which means spotless or white in Bengali, is the source of the word “koria.”You could think of these Korial Banarasi sarees as an improved Garad saree.Korial Banarasi sarees are considered to be the ideal traditional banarasi saree due to their jaw-dropping border work (Pallu or Anchal).

3. Classic Red Banarasi saree 

These are the prettiest Banarasi sarees look.The designs on the saree as a whole are creative and beautiful.Golden threads are used to stitch all of the designs.This saree’s stunning patterns and vibrant red color make a bride look absolutely stunning.This is why a red Banarasi saree is one of the most popular choices for brides.

4. Shattir Fabric

Shattir, as we all know, is the ideal fabric for brides who want to dress in a little bit of modernity.Under the brand name Banarasi, only shattir is used to create contemporary and exclusive designs.

5. Pashmina Banarasi saree

Because of its variety of colors, Pashmina Banarasi has won the hearts of all women.The body of most Pashmina Benarasi sarees has golden buti work and a beautiful border.Pashmina Banarasi can be a good choice for any wedding event because colors play a big role in wedding outfit sections.These bridal sarees have an elegant texture thanks to the use of genuine silk weaves and metallic artwork.


6. The famous Zardosi work

These are not only one of the most stunning Banarasi sarees, but they also make the ideal wedding ensemble for any bride.They have glorious Rajasthani zari work, which gave the sarees their glamorous look.They come in a variety of eye-catching hues, including maroon, red, pink, and others.Golden jewelry will give you a traditional and sophisticated bridal look.

Try these out now!

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