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Triathlon Swimming Equipment

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In the past, swimming equipment was the easiest thing to buy. There was just a swimming suit and may be a pair of goggles. What else was there? These days, swimming equipment is as diverse as it is expensive. This came with the awareness that what you wear in the water decides how fast you’re able to swim. Therefore, choosing and buying the right swimming equipment needs some consideration.

The swimsuit is the foremost swimming equipment. In the past, there was very limited choice in this department. Most sportsmen made do with swimming trunks or even shorts, which are not very comfortable and may even chafe the skin. But their biggest disadvantage is the fact that they impede movement, hamper speed and generally keep athletes from clocking their best time.

These days, however, swimsuits have become highly advanced technically. They are designed aerodynamically so that they can give competitive players the edge they need to win while offering maximum protection to the body.

While choosing swimsuits, it is not really necessary to make a fashion statement. It’s enough if the swimsuit is functional, enhances speed and feels comfortable.

Another important piece of swimming equipment is the wetsuit. Since triathlon races take place in open waters like lakes and oceans where temperature cannot be controlled, it is possible that athletes are exposed to low temperatures. In that case, wetsuits are a great boon. In cool waters, full length wet suits are the best. But some events do not allow participants to wear a wetsuit. The best thing to do would be to buy a swimsuit with the option of ditching it in case the event does not allow it.

A good pair of goggles is another piece of swimming equipment that you might want to invest in. Goggles are not very expensive and you do not need to break your wallet buying something over the top. But, as with everything else, you get what you pay for. So, it is better to buy a pair that sits comfortably and does not allow condensation.

A swimming cap is another useful piece of swimming equipment. It is not a necessity but in most events, players are given caps by the organizers and you have to wear them for the triathlon. Therefore it is a good idea to practice swimming with the cap on.

While you are practicing a pull buoy is a great idea. This is a piece of foam that keeps the back end afloat and goes between the legs. These help you perfect your swimming technique.

Some people invest in earplugs as they cannot abide the thought of getting their ears wet.

So, there you have it! A lot of equipment, it might seem like. But remember that you need only buy those pieces of swimming equipment that seem useful to you.

Before you make your purchase, make sure that you buy from a reputed dealer. In case you are purchasing online, go with someone who offers free shipping and immediate delivery. That way, you can cut costs and start your training right away.

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