Trendy or Traditional? A Guide To Choosing Your Wedding Dress

It is seen as one of the most important parts of any wedding day: the choosing of the dress.

Your wedding dress is what the majority of your guests will want to see at your wedding (as well as you and your partner say your vows and become a married couple!). However, when it comes to choosing the dress, there is a lot to think about rather than satin versus chiffon. Wedding dresses tend to fall into two groups; the traditional or the trendy and, as you can imagine, many people have very strong opinions about which is more suitable.

So, ladies, if you are struggling to decide which dress would suit your big day better, please read on. Here, you will be walked through the differences between traditional and trendy dresses and how they will be received on your wedding day by your guests. Enjoy!

Traditional Dresses

When shopping for a wedding dress, many women will come across the more traditional styles first, whether online or in person. Designer wedding dresses are usually based around the traditional options, which can include a heart-shaped neckline, lace as well as a larger or princess-based skirt.

Traditional dresses will always look great, even if you are looking back at wedding photos in 50 years’ time. Please note that while they have a timeless look, they can also be quite hard to match to more eclectic personality types. If you are a woman who enjoys boho chic or is more of a gothic alternative bride, then the idea of wearing a fluffy white wedding dress that looks straight out of the page of a Disney book may not suit you very well.

There is, of course, a middle ground between having a trendy and traditional dress, which comes in the form of a minimalistic style. These are usually streamlined wedding dresses with romantic details throughout, such as sewn-on pearls and minor lacing, rather than going over the top. For women who like the more modern feel but don’t want to necessarily look like an extra in Cinderella, this can be a happy go-between that will never go out of style while also allowing you to add a touch of personality. Best of all, guests often adore these dresses!

Trendy Dresses

Many people will swear off of choosing to wear what is considered a trendy wedding dress. This is mainly for fear that in a few year’s time, they will look back at the wedding photos and cringe. It’s worth noting that unless you are truly going for a Lady Gaga look at your wedding, most trendy dresses have a base in traditional styles. In 2024, the themes surrounding trendy wedding dresses tend to involve large lace trains, a Grecian upper body, as well as longer sleeves. None of these would stand out, particularly against traditional dresses, but they are the looks that are coming out on the wedding runways.

If you are somebody who has a real passion for fashion and is always seen to be wearing the latest thing, then a trendy wedding dress for the time of your wedding will probably suit you better than a traditional option, which may make you seem and look uncomfortable in the dress. Just make sure you get on-trend wedding dress accessories!

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, it is your wedding day, and you are free to choose the wedding dress you want. Just make sure that the final dress you choose matches the style of the wedding, matches your personality, and makes you feel like a princess. If the dress ticks all those boxes, then you can’t go wrong! Congratulations, and have a great wedding day.

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