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The First Lady of Cosmetic Tattooing

Val Glover-Hovan has over three decades of cosmetic tattoo treatment experience and is considered a pioneer in the cosmetic industry in Australia. She has been at the front of education in the field and has earned an enormous amount of accolades from organisations from all over the globe, for her contributions to the cosmetic tattoo industry.

As an educator and leader in cosmetic tattooing, Glover-Hovan examines symmetry and facial proportions, including skin and hair colouring, before developing something that will both improve and accentuate her client’s facial features.

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It’s All in the Lips

It is Glover-Hovan’s lip work that has gained so much international attention. She delivers educational presentations on optimising results in the lips and modifying treatment to each patient.

Lip liner is made to fit people who don’t have a clear lip shape, or for pale, sun damaged or uneven lips and those that have lost shape from injury or cold sores. Lip line can also simply add definition for women who want to put more emphasis on their mouth.

Leading the Way

Glover-Hovan began the first Australian Cosmetic Tattoo Training Academy, educating students in America, Australia, and New Zealand. Her opinion is often sought after by practitioners, and she provides ongoing support to those working in the cosmetic field.

Glover-Hovan has served on the committee of leading Australian Beauty Associations and American Associations.

Her ongoing desire to improve her skills as a Cosmetic Tattooist has led her to attend educational congresses all over the world, both demonstrating and speaking about her techniques on medical tattooing.

The most recent demand for training and treatments has been the feathering method — creating hair strokes. Val and her practitioners are fulfilling the need of these treatments.

In short, Glover-Hovan has made a career out of making Australian women look and feel vibrant and young.

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