7 Sexy Piercing Types in 2021

sexy piercing

There are thousands of body modification enthusiasts out there who have at least one or several kinds of surface piercing, or body piercing, as it is most commonly referred.

It is important that you get yourself enough knowledge on the different types of piercings before you go out and get one for yourself. This way, it would be very easy for you to decide on which one you should get:

Top 7 Different Types of Sexy Surface Piercing

1. Ear piercing

sexy piercing

Ear piercing is so far the most common among all the different types of surface piercing. Women have their ear lobes pierced since time out of mind and men have fashionably followed suit. Not to mention that ear piercing is by far the most acceptable among today’s several kinds of piercings. There are several men and women who have as many as six piercings in one earlobe alone as a fashion statement.

2. Nose Piercing

sexy piercing

Next in line among surface piercing types is nose piercing. Often times, the nose is pierced in two places: the side of the nostril where small studs are placed and through the septum where the cartilage separating both nostrils is pierced through.

3. Tongue Piercing

sexy piercing

Third type of surface piercing will be on the tongue. Tongue piercings usually go from the upper to the lower surface of your tongue. When the proper jewelry is used, this type of piercing will heal rather quickly.

4. Nipple Piercing

sexy piercing

Nipple piercing on the other hand is considered attractive by several enthusiasts among all other types of surface piercing. Although it is important to note that because nipple sizes vary from one person to the other, it is quite difficult to do for some who have relatively smaller nipples than others, especially on women.

5. Navel Piercing

sexy piercing

For those who want to show off their flat bellies, the navel type of surface piercing is preferred. This is considered to be sexy looking and attractive in women who sport incredibly flat stomachs.

6. Nape Piercing

sexy nape piercing

Nape piercing is preferred by more body modification enthusiasts these days because it allows them to easily conceal their piercings whenever they want to do so. It is done by piercing the skin at the base of the neck with the use of barbells, usually.

7. Genital Piercing

The last type of surface piercing is genital piercing and is currently gaining a lot of popularity among men and women. The piercings that are usually locate either on or near the person’s sex organ is said to aid the heightened sensation that make sexual stimulation even more possible.

No matter what kind of surface piercing you are planning to get, make sure that the jewelry you use is made of the highest level of surgical stainless steel and that you seek the services of experienced and professional body piercers only.

Stay away from amateurs who claim to give discounted prices for surface piercings. Make sure all the equipment that will be used for the piercing is sterilized properly and that they use high end materials.

Ask how long they have been in the body modification business just to be sure that you will not encounter problems or infections later on.

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