Posing Tips Every Fashion Model Needs to Know

Female fashion models need to keep things fresh especially when they are in front of the camera. This is why, creative poses are always essential. However, they can get repetitive at times. So, learning some simple and effective modelling poses should help make it easier for you to get picture perfect shots whenever you are asked to strike a pose.

Over the shoulder pose

This is one of those poses that will never get old. It always has a flattering effect which helps create considerable dimension in the resulting photo. The pose also has a mysterious and flirty vibe to it. It is also ideal for accentuating your jawline as well as lengthens your neck. It is also perfect for allowing a bit of your face’s profile to show through without really revealing all of it.

Against the wall

Walls can be such great props to play with during photo shoots. It is easy to lean towards it or prop up against it. It is a good prop to balance on too. It is a slid surface so there is a reassurance that you get that it is not going anywhere thus, making it a really effective tool for one to pose to her heart’s desire. Walls seem to act as safety nets to a fashion model, and for the beginner, it certainly is one reliable tool to come up with really impressive poses.

Surface lean

This is a pose where you are either slightly leaning or sitting on a surface. This is quite a striking pose as it allows the model to get her focal changed and not just focus too much on the camera. It is also one of those poses that will allow the resulting picture to have an easy and natural flow. Some fashion models use this pose while setting their eyes towards the distance and that can produce such cinematic effects on the resulting image.

Get a little sensual

For indoor and more intimate shoots, poses that allow you to be more feminine and sexy without revealing too much are perfect. For instance, propping your legs up while you are lying on your stomach is a sure-fire way to achieve this. Play around with the angles of your chin when striking this pose. Tilt your chin down or up to not only accentuate your jawline but to also give your pictures a variety of mood.

Hands on your hips

This is one of those classic poses that every model is going to have to employ every so often. It is effective at making your hips look smaller and it is also effective at slimming everything down. The pose is feminine but it is also dominant and powerful at the same time. Be sure to lean your shoulders a bit when striking this pose to get the best effect.

When you are new to modelling and planning to apply to a modelling agency, striking the right poses may feel a bit of a challenge. You will get better at it as you ease into it in the process. Learn more about the best modelling poses by reading about Model’s Direct online.

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