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I always wanted to share my thoughts to the people who really love the fashion and finally I found blogging is the right platform to convey the information to the audience. Hence I started this blog. Basically I am from engineering background and blogging is becoming hobby to me nowadays.

How to Prepare for Your Fashion Photo Shoot

So you have found a photographer that you click with!  Great! Now it’s time to prepare for your fashion shoot.  The better prepared you are for the shoot the more confident you can be that your pictures will be amazing, and will reflect the most beautiful you possible. Whether your photo shoot is for your headshot, profile picture...

Generic Soaps Vs Handmade Soaps

Although the majority of the populace are able to waltz into their local grocery store and buy whichever generic soap is the cheapest, unfortunately, some of us have to be a lot more careful whilst making a decision as seemingly simple as buying a daily household item. From people with dry skin, to those of us suffering from eczema and dermatitis...

Shakira No Makeup: Top 20 Shakira Without Makeup Photo

Shakira is a Colombian singer who is very popular in the fashion industry. She looks very pretty and attractive without makeup even in the age of 43. I find so many Shakira’s stunning photos with no makeup. So I just wanted to share those without makeup photos of her with you. Find the quick bio: Full Name: Shakira Isabel Mebarak RipollDOB...