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I always wanted to share my thoughts to the people who really love the fashion and finally I found blogging is the right platform to convey the information to the audience. Hence I started this blog. Basically I am from engineering background and blogging is becoming hobby to me nowadays.

Should You Buy i1 Clarity Diamond?

There are many types of diamonds, and when you are about to buy one, you should know a little bit about their clarity. When it comes to I1 type, they should be cheaper than the rest because their brilliance is negatively impacted, but still, it isn’t that easy to see this with a naked eye. Many sellers use this to set a higher price and...

Ways to Look Fashionable on a Budget

All of us love shopping, and it is so not true that you need to spend a thousand bucks every time you shop. If you are keen on looking fashionable, then guess what you can look so even when you are on a strict budget. Here is what you must know as well as understand- Buying Classic Clothes No matter how badly the trend of wearing a specific type...

Enhancing your Beauty with Mink Eyelashes

The eyes are the mirrors of the soul as has been rightly said and reflects the kind of person that you are. The eyelashes are the most delicate and beautiful parts of the eyes. So opting for false and fuller eyelash extensions can pave the way for a wonderful and newer you in terms of looks.  There are losses of many eyelashes too. However the...