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Latest kurti Styles for women in India for 2023


Kurtis for women are one of the most versatile clothes because they can be worn every time and everywhere. These days, kurtis are available in a lot of styles, such as Indian, Western, and Indo-Western. If you are still not convinced about kurtis, you must know that they can be paired with several different bottoms to curate a new look each day.

If you are planning to update your wardrobe, you can invest in amazing kurtis for women that are available online. Be it young women, middle-aged women, or even elderly women, females are preferring kurtis over any other outfit these days because the comfort that kurtis offer is second to none. 

Available in different types of fabric, kurtis are the most comfortable outfits for a woman. A kurti will probably be the first choice a college-going girl will make so that she can be comfortable while attending lectures. An office-going woman will also prefer a kurti over a saree because they are comfortable and give enough space to breathe during hectic office hours, including travel during peak hours. 

Now that you’re ready to invest in kurtis, let’s check out the latest kurtis for women that you can buy this season. 

Tail kurti:

These kurtis justify their names correctly because, as you guessed it right, they feature a tail-like design at the bottom. These kurtis are a unique concept that can be worn by the younger generation of women because they are short from the front and have a tapering end towards the back, forming an inverted U shape. This kurti can be worn with patiala bottoms or as a dress with heels to go.

Anarkali kurti:

When we speak of kurtis for women, an Anarkali kurti needs no introduction. These are the most common, yet evergreen, types of kurtis in which you can invest.The beauty of wearing these kurtis is that you can pair them with leggings, jeans, palazzos, or even wear them as a dress.

Long, straight-fit kurti:

A straight-fit kurti works wonders for your perfectly shaped silhouette. If you want a slim, tall, and lean look, these kurtis are a hit. They are comfortable and hassle-free, which means you can wear them with heels even during boardroom meetings.

Dhoti style kurti:

If you want to embrace the current fashion and remain chic, the dhoti-style kurti should top your list. These kurtis are more akin to dresses, with a dhoti-style gather at one end at the bottom.You can wear this style with heels on festive occasions.

Indo-western kurti:

If you want a mix of both Indian and western fashion in your look, an Indo-western kurti should be your pick. This kurti is just like a regular kurti, but they feature distinguished detailing such as flared or puffy sleeves, a long jacket, or a cape to set themselves apart from their counterparts.

Shirt kurti:

If you want to be casual but also formal but also want to embrace ethnic tones, a shirt kurti is the best. A button-down shirt kurti featuring a collar neck, buttons, and distinctive prints can be worn with a belt around your waist to stand out from the crowd.

Style these kurtis for women in your way and be ready to paint the town red.

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