All You Need To Know About Wedding Jewellery

Jewellery is known to play one of the most essential parts for the bride on her wedding day. Especially when it comes to India a large part of any wedding involves shopping for the right dresses and jewellery for all the functions.

And It’s not not just the bride, weddings being an intimate affair involves a whole lot of people like bridesmaids, relatives, friends, family and everyone you can think of who wants to look their best at.

Known to be of great significance, bridal or wedding jewellery is used to enhance the beauty of the bride. The makeup of an Indian bride is considered to be incomplete without her “solaah shringaar”.

The first step of many is to of course choose the dress and then the matching accessories. And you need to be careful when picking those, because pairing the right kind of jewellery is important. It can literally make or break your look.

Miorah offers a plethora of choices when it comes to bridal jewellery. Our bridal jewellery is a perfect combination of class, culture and beauty. Whether you are wearing a saree or a lehenga our selection of bridal jewellery is sure to blow your mind. Miorah’s bridal jewellery is available in a number of metal options.

Be it gold, silver or brass we have it all. Traditionally gold and silver jewellery was used but with changing times brides also favour fashion jewellery to fit their budget or match their outfits.

Keeping in mind our customer’s demands and choices we also curate bridal and wedding jewellery in semi precious colourful stones like ruby CZ, garnet CZ, emerald, cubic zirconia.

Exuding pure class and sophistication Miorah’s selection of jadau and antique jewellery is vogue enough to add a sparkle to your ‘the day’ and make you look like royalty. Our intricate designs mixed with the traditional and cultural inspiration make us stand apart from others.

Here is some sneak peek to our collections that will make your auspicious day more special:

Wedding Jewellery

Antique Jewellery:

Miorah’s selection of antique jewellery incorporates the beauty of colourful semi precious gemstones along with designs originated in the royal houses of Rajasthan. Inspired by the Rajput royalties, South Indian temples, the artistic paintings and sculptures, our antique jewellery collection presents you pieces that are unmatchable.

A collection that includes necklaces, earrings, maang tikkas, bangles and everything you can think of. Every jewellery piece belonging to this piece is reminiscent of the bygone era that you are sure to hold on to forever.

Jadau Jewellery:

As mentioned above Jadau jewellery has gained a lot of popularity these days. Be it the celebrities or the common people, wherever you turn your head you can see someone wearing a piece of the jadau jewellery. It showcases an elegant combination of meenakari and kundankari work.

This type of jewellery is directly lifted from the Mughal era and is still one of the famous crafting techniques done in Rajasthan. The technique used in the making of this type of jewellery is that the precious gemstones like rubies, pearls, uncut polkis, diamonds, etc. are set into the gold frames without the use of any adhesive.

Mioah’s selection of jadau jewellery pays homage to the skillful artisans of Rajasthan. Our every piece is crafted to perfection with utmost attention and detail so that it lights up your special day.

Bridal Jewellery:

Apart from our extravagant jewellery collections, Miorah also has a range of jewellery items totally dedicated to our Indian brides. Our bridal jewellery collection takes inspiration from our traditional heritage combined with the modern trends and patterns.

Our bridal jewellery are available in a variety of options which include designs crafted in gold and diamonds, fashion and imitation jewellery and CZ jewellery. Our selection of bridal jewellery is crafted thoughtfully to enhance the beauty of every bride. Be it necklaces, maang tikkas, earrings, all our designs reflect great craftsmanship in amalgamation to our rich heritage of culture.

Just like our exquisite collections, certain pieces are not only essential but also integral and without which the essence of bridal jewellery is incomplete for your special day.

Some of the best designs are:

Maang tikkas:

The maang tikkas have been a part of the traditional wear since ancient ages. It also has a lot of religious and cultural significance. According to Hindu mythology, maang tikkas are known to represent the third eye or the power of the soul.

It is believed to bestow the wearer the power of concentration and ability to control emotions. Worn in the forehead, maang tikkas are an essential part of the bridal ensemble. Miorah’s selection of maang tikka or matha patti come in various styles and designs that will definitely add the right amount of grace to your traditional outfits.

Necklace Sets:

Miorah’s necklace sets are the perfect combination of grace and beauty. Crafted and presented in a number of varieties like gold and diamonds, CZ necklace sets, gold and silver plated necklace sets.

Our necklace sets consist of a necklace and a pair of matching earrings to complete your look. Necklace sets are a crucial part of the bridal jewellery because they tend to take the center stage along with the outfit. Our selection of necklace sets wildly makes you fall in love.


Bangles or otherwise known as kangans, are considered as the mark of ‘suhaag’ in Indian culture. Bangles date back to as early as 2600 BC and its use can be traced to every civilization. Miorah’s selection of bangles come in a variety of options, which compliments your outfits as well as your style. Be it studded designs or plain bangles, our collection will definitely make you want more.

Finger Rings:

Apart from the engagement rings, brides also need other rings to match with their outfit. Miorah offers a huge collection of finger rings to choose from. Engraved with semi precious gemstones, cubic zirconia, or plain designs, there’s a ring to suit every need of yours.


Anklets or payals are also considered to be an essential part of the bridal jewellery across every Indian culture. It is believed to keep the reproductive organs of the woman healthy. It is also considered auspicious for married women. Miorah’s anklets are available in various designs like sterling silver, fashion and imitation anklets which will mesmerize with their charm and tinkling bells.

Toe Rings:

Evidence suggests that toe rings originated in India. Toe rings are considered to be crucial for married women. It is also known by various names like ‘bichiya’, ‘mitti’, ‘minji’ etc. in various cultures. Miorah offers a range of toe rings which are traditional yet modern. Available in a variety of designs from studded to plain ones to antique designs, you can easily pair them with your traditional outfits.

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