How to Take Great Photos of Yourself

Many people struggle to take a great photograph of themselves, which can be rather annoying when you see others taking stunning photos that highlights their best features. Yet anytime you see a great selfie on Instagram or Facebook, the individual behind the camera probably knows a few tips and tricks to get that amazing snap.

It is certainly worth trying your hand at a few of these techniques, as getting that perfect photograph of yourself is a great way to boost your mood and leave you feeling confident. However, it takes some time and a little bit of practice to get the best results, but once you know the best techniques it will be easy to get that great photo time and time again.

Test different angles to see which works best

Finding the right angle to take the photo from is one of the simplest ways to get a flattering photo. For instance, many people taking selfies opt to take the photo from a slightly raised angle about the head.

The reason for this is that it puts an emphasis on your eyes while also reducing the overall flatness of your features. Your noise can look rather unsightly when photographed from lower or even angles, so experiment with various angles to see what works best with your face.

Focus on different features

Features don’t necessarily mean your eyes, noise, or mouth, as it can be anything from your hairstyle to a cup of coffee. So, if there is something you wish to show off in the photo, be sure to make this one of the prominent features as it makes the image more interesting and likely more flattering too.

Similarly, if you have a feature of your face you want to highlight, do what you can to draw attention towards it. For example, if you have a nice smile then apply a striking lipstick, or if you like your eyes then make the most out of mascara and eye shadow to draw attention towards it.

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Half the battle of taking a great photograph of yourself is confidence, so by focusing on features you like then it allows you to better appreciate the image in the first place.

Understand how to use lighting

Lights are used by professional photographers to help highlight features while also reducing the appearance of imperfections. While buying an entire new lighting setup may be excessive, there are various options out there to enhance your lighting in your photographs.

For example, ring lights are a popular option for taking selfies and snaps of your friends. They can attach to phones or digital cameras, with a circular LED light helping to give a soft, even glow across the face.

This works to reduce shadows that are unflattering while making blemishes less obvious, resulting in beautiful looking skin.

Furthermore, you want to avoid taking photos in dark settings, while fluorescent lighting is a little too harsh so it often produces rather unflattering photographs. Natural light is a great option if you don’t want to buy anything, so try taking snaps near the window or outside during peak sunshine, while avoiding using your camera flash too often.

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