How to mix and match your yellow kurti with other colors and prints

Hello sunshine! It’s time to flaunt your lovely rays to the world and gorgeous in that mellow tone! Yes, we are talking about those yellow Kurtis you own! What? Don’t you have one already? Then it’s time you took the fashion goals seriously and invested in a lovely looking yellow kurtis. Why? Well, because summer is here and the most happening colour of this heated season, yellow is so much in talks! And if we think about the popularity of Kurtis, getting some in this shade seems an ideal decision for this season. After you get that yellow kurti ready in your wardrobe, use these tips to match and blend it with these colours and prints for the best appearance.

  • The monochromatic effect — Wearing the all yellow dress theme seems a lovely choice to opt for with this shade of kurti. Like, you can wear a basic, solid yellow kurti, pair it with the same coloured churidar or salwar and opt for shoes of this hue! Tadaa! You’ll be glowing like a diamond wherever you go. And if you have some tiny prints in your Kurtis, ensure it is either in white or an outline of darker yellow only. 
  • Yellow with large red flowers — Summers and florals match each other by default. Even when you are wearing a yellow kurti, you can opt for the ones with large floral prints. If these flowers are red in color, then you look more vibrant and ready to capture the world with your vibrant essence! Just ensure d to grab the bottoms in red too for an ideal blending effect of the dress. 
  • Yellow and white prints — One couldn’t imagine wearing yellow Kurtis to their best extent without blending the shade of white to them! Well, you can either for a tie dye yellow kurti with white in it. Or even a yellow kurti with some white geometrical or stripes print in it. With a white palazzo, pants or chudidar, you will be all ready to ace this style to the next level. Pro tip – white mules with this dress will help you look cool and perfect on any occasion! 
  • Yellow with blue strips — The striped pattern never goes out of fashion. Even during this season, you can pick a yellow kurti with some blue stripes on it and be ready for the formal events you attend. You can either opt for a yellow pant or blue bottom with the same, both of these look really awesome. With your white coloured sandal shoes with this attire, you will just look perfectly summer ready in this dress.
  • Yellow and black polka dots — Polka dots can be truly amazing chic se your casual attires. Even with a yellow kurti, go for the dots in black! The combine is simply fantastic! Well, the pants or bottoms with this can be similar to the pattern of the top or even solid in either of the colours, you can ditch the dupatta with this style and slip on your flats for a semi formal or casual event. 

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