How to Love Your Body in Plus Size Swimwear

Big girls be proud! Considering the average dress size for women is now 14-16, we’re all for plus size swimwear being as gorgeous and irresistible as it is for those at the smaller end of the rack. The beach is for everyone and women of all sizes should be catered for. Clever Australian Swimwear designers are creating styles, cuts and prints with real women in mind. There’s a great market for plus size swimwear. The labels are listening and the tables are starting to turn, in favour of what real women need. So get out there and get amongst it!

Yes, Virginia, you can wear a plus size bikini! For many women, being upwards of size 14 doesn’t mean having to cover up! Some women just ooze that special confidence and their smile is bigger than their body image concerns. Frankly, the very fact that companies are designing beautiful bikini swimwear in the upper sizes, including E & F cup sizes, should go a long way to convince Australian swimwear lovers to try the two-piece version! Give it a go! If you’re not prepared to go all the way but really want to try a bikini, then wear a gorgeous, wrap-around sarong over the top and remove it when you’re ready to take a dip. Try a swim skirt. They’re not as daggy as they once were.

Look, bodies are not created as one size, fits all. We’re all different and that’s a beautiful thing. Whatever your body shape or size, there is a range of women’s swimwear to suit you. Or even a range within a range. What matters is that you want to have fun in the pool or out on the beach, so it’s time to realise you are who you are and there are things you can do to feel your summery best.

1. Play up your favourite features – Whether it’s your bustline or your legs, your height or your hair length, there are plus size swimwear styles to suit. No use trying to fit into a style that you wish you could wear. Go for what works and flaunt your best features!

2. Stray from black – We know, we know. Everyone thinks black is the most slimming colour for women’s swimwear. Well it can be, but let’s face it, there’s very little between your body and others’ eyes in swimwear and black isn’t going to make you look like a size 8. Go for splashes of colour! Try a pattern, they are the masters of distraction! Step out of your comfort zone and live a little. It’s summer, for goodness sake, you deserve it!

3. Buy for comfort – It’s one thing to buy teetering stilettos and tight bustiers for a formal night out, but we’re talking the beach here. Comfort is where it’s at! Plus size swimwear is designed to fit comfortably. No one should have to squeeze into swimwear a couple of sizes too small. Know your measurements and check out those size and fit tips that any great online swimwear boutique will have. It’s worth taking the time, because there is nothing worse than the wrong fit!

4. Accessorise! Some sexy beach sandals, a colourful sarong, a big floppy sun hat or even a fluffy towel draped over your shoulders are all perfect for accessorising at the beach or the pool. In the water, try a rash vest. No, not something you put the kids in; a sexy vest! There are Bond Girl styles out there now and even those that tie up and knot in front. Glam up your plus size swimwear, and don’t forget the most obvious accessory… your sunny smile!

Have fun out there and remember to always slip, slop, slap!

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