History of Tight Pants

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The history of tight pants date backs to the beginning of the pop culture era. Elvis Presley gave birth to Rock and Roll culture, and ever since then, there was the craze for tight pants. For a few years in between, the euphoria settled a bit and once again rose with Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez etc.

Modern day Pants 

Whereas, earlier pants created health hazards, the new pants are quite friendly. The manufacturers are using material such as spandex and moleton.

Spandex, also known as lycra gives elasticity to the fabric. The fabric can be stretched and therefore it gives superb fitting to the body, and also provides ventilation.

Pure lycra pants are quite costly. Therefore, to make pants in budget range, lycra is mixed with cotton, polyester, nylon etc.

Moleton, again is stretchable fabric, very popular Brazil. These are also known Brazilian pants. These were particularly worn by girls when they went for dance. Moleton provides enough elasticity that one needs while bodily movements.

Leather Pants: Pure leather pants tend to be costly. Very good quality of leather pants may be beyond the reach of common man, and may be limited to actors, rock stars and to the creamy layer of the society.

Artificial leather pants: First of all, pure leather pants are not affordable by every one. Moreover, vegans will not prefer to wear pure leather pants. Artificial leather pants are a solution to these people.

The current trend is of low waist tight jeans. The zipper starts three inches below the waist, and therefore it is called low waist.

These pants are particularly popular with teenagers, for obvious reason, that they can carry these pants well.

These suit better to slim and slender people. Though these

Are available in plus and plus plus size, obese people tend to look odd in these pants.

You need to exercise a bit of caution while wearing tight pants, particularly while sporting a white tight pant. Never sport a white pant without taking care of your panty. White pants are see through, and therefore always wear a thong of the same color.

buddhapants.com is one of the popular website where you can find all types of pants online.

When you buy a tight pant, you should be able to close the button comfortably, without creating pressure on the body parts. Preferably, take a size bigger than your normal size.

Take care of tops that you choose to match with your pants. Tops that reach your waist will make you look sensual without looking obscene.

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