Best Decorative Necklace Ideas

There are plenty of ways of making your own household decorations or fashionable pieces to where the next time you go out. Do it yourself accessories don’t have to be reserved just for child’s play, but is something adults can involve themselves in too.

More and more, we are seeing so-called kids’ activities becoming quite acceptable for people in their 20s, 30s and beyond to undertake. Adult colouring in, for instance, has become increasingly popular across a lot of towns and cities around the world. It acts as a cathartic, relaxing step away of the buzz of the world – a soothing process of the mind, of sorts.

List of Best 4 Decorative Necklace Ideas for the year

Shell time

Like you might have done with fruit loop cereal or macaroni cones back in the day, but on a far more sophisticated level, sea shell necklaces and the creation of them are a great way to pass the time when you are not working or studying.

shell necklace design ideas

The trick is to get your hands on an assortment of really good shells, not necessarily handpicked from the shoreline, but potentially ordered from a reputable online store that you might have seen advertised or searched for on the Internet.

They will be cleaned and prepared for you, making the hassle of doing such things far less of a problem. It will be done for you, so you will have more time to spend on the actual necklaces.

Get creative

Yes, of course, you can go for patterns that are quite simple and don’t need a lot of different shells, but you should be encouraged to mix things up a bit by using shells at different intervals, with colours, hues and sizes making for an eventful string of items. The string itself, certainly, is important. You don’t want to make a pretty creation only to have it fall apart at the closing point.

Tight and strong

String, nylon, a really good and thick ream of cotton and even a flexible wire – these are great items to find and use when making necklaces. Whether there are natural holes or you need to make holes of your own, the string you use should be able to house the items you want to put on it with the greatest of ease.

Consider the length, too. You don’t want something too long or even too short. It has to be just right, to go around your neck loosely or perhaps have a tighter fit based on your preference.


When not wearing the necklaces, or hanging them around as decoration be sure to put them away carefully. Just leaving them on top of a dresser or a table surface could be a mistake. A set of car or house keys or a packet of groceries accidentally put on top of the necklace without thought could send it crashing into plenty of small pieces.

All your hard work needs to be looked after, so do the right thing by storing them away nicely for future use when the time is right again.

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