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What makes Buying a Birkin Bag a Powerful Investment Plan?

Birkin Bag

Shoes and handbags are undoubtedly the two most fancied and purchased items by most women. Clearly, women can never have enough of them. But, if it is something like a luxury handbag, or rather a birkin bag by Hermès, then it’s a different issue. 

The Birkin is one of the most exclusive and premium women’s bags in the world. If you somehow get a chance to get a hands-on one, consider that to be an investment more than a hobby. There are plenty of reasons to say that buying these bags is a relatively safer investment than spending on gold items or the volatile stock or cryptocurrency market.

Talking about the company behind this exquisite product is Hermès International, a French luxury design house. Founded in 1837, the company has been a family business for over five generations. Therefore, the history and heritage behind every product they sell are astounding. The company ranks consistently as one of the world’s most valuable luxury brands.

If you are still wondering what makes buying a Birkin a good investment, consider reading this article. 

Why are Birkins a Good Investment?

These luxury handbags are among the few products whose value doesn’t degrade with time. Unlike owning a luxury vehicle or designer clothing, the value of a luxury handbag like the Birkin increases with time. Yes, that is because the company hikes their handbags’ prices every six to twelve months. And that results in buyers being able to resell their handbags, getting back the exact amount they paid.

A Brief Comparison

Researchers have compared the stock market index, gold, and Birkin bags to check how they flare as potential investment options. 

Considering that the purchased investment was not bought or sold in the middle, it was found that in the last 35 years, the stock market had –

In the same timeframe, purchasing gold had –

Finally, when it came to Birkins, the results were pretty interesting as the values increased by 14.2% in the same timeframe. It points out that gold and stocks are volatile; thus, their price is not uniform. But, it is a whole different story if you consider these luxury handbags.

Do these Bags justify their Price Tag?

It all goes to the supply-and-demand theory when asked about why these bags cost so much. Birkins are scarce, and the official or third-party resale stores have a long waiting list. Plus, the company has repair centers that almost transform your old bag into a new one.

Moreover, these premium handbags are made with some of the most exquisite materials like crocodile skin, ostrich skin, etc. They also have gold and diamond hardware. But, besides all these, what sets them apart is that their products are entirely handmade. Hermès has its own in-house artisans and workers, who are highly trained and skilled.

Wrapping Up

When you buy a birkin bag, you are not just paying for any random designer handbag. You are paying for a handmade product that has valuable hardware components and one whose overall value increases with time. Is it a worthy investment? You probably know the answer.

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